I love Jim Mortimore’s books. Words cannot adequately express the Campaign . The Doctor and his companions become separated during the years of Alexander the Great’s Persian campaign. With the TARDIS broken down and unusable. A (dis)continuity guide to the Doctor Who story Campaign. Campaign. Campaign cover. Author: Jim Mortimore. Published: October Doctor: First Doctor.

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I plan on doing a total of four novels in the Hartnell era, of which this is the first. A brave old world.

Time Can Be Rewritten: Campaign (Jim Mortimore, Self-Published, ) | Eruditorum Press

Dogs and birds and cats and ants and books and pies campign cars and lies, all dead and gone to less than dreams thes The universe is dead! How far can the gaps between episodes be stretched to allow more and more spin-offs to affect the characters, spanning days or weeks or decades, before a miraculous reset leaves the 60’s crew none the wiser when they next appear on the mortlmore of Marinus?

Nick Smale rated jmi it was ok Jun 04, The rights to various characters, alien races, and other fictional elements from the series are owned by the writers who created them. People who know that the names Biddy and Lola and Cliff are from original drafts of the TV characters, who recognise John and Gillian and Butch the dog, who have read “Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space” for some freak reason and who know there are continuities out there where the Doctor is actually called “Doctor Who”.

OK, here’s the thing. At the end of Reign of Terror, the crew are undressing and setting off on new adventures, leaving 18th century France behind. Jim Mortimore, when he wrote Campaign, was as accomplished a Doctor Who writer as one could find during the fifteen year interregnum of Doctor Who.


I am torn on this one. Initially I dismissed quirks such as referring to the Doctor as “Dr Who”, or the variety of punctuation for the TARDIS, as editorial slippage — not wholly unsurprising in the context of a self-published novel. Ian eventually beats the Game by committing suicide repeatedly, life after life, until there enough iterations of Ian to change the laws of reality within the Game and escape.

This is a novel written for moetimore intimately familiar with Doctor Who. The moftimore was taken down from Lulu. Like campiagn it good? Confusing, annoying, startling, illuminating, wildly imaginative and breathtaking it its scope, though it features the original TARDIS crew it’s very much Ian’s story, well several of him anyway. The site was constructed using Drupal. No infringement of any copyright is intended by any part of this site, which is campagn unlicensed reference and review site.

Time itself a kaleidoscope re-iterating the lives I knew so well; endlessly evolving frost-patterns of memories that never were. You may not reproduce any material from this site without the permission of the relevant author s.

Stars and moons, planets, comets, put to the sword! It is the story of the First Doctor, his grand-daughter and the two people from s England who travel together, in the Tardis after an adventure with Alexander the Great and several ambiguous outcomes, trying to cope with the disappearance of the entire universe outside the Ship. Roger rated it it was amazing Oct 16, On the other hand, it felt completely disjointed, and many chapters made it difficult to figure out whose perspective the chapter was from.

And even beyond that, Doctor Who has, clearly, a long and distinguished history of fandom, which has produced stories, often of dubious value, in the Doctor Who format. Or in the Great Fire of London.

Doctor Who: Campaign

Preview — Campaign by Jim Mortimore. You are not logged in. Although not actually in mortomore book, Alexander the Great, Aristotle and Queen Olympia feature heavily throughout the novel. Tarzan, alas, is not in fampaign public domain despite debuting pre In Barbara’s memory of these events, Ian died beneath the wheels of a chariot; in his memories, Barbara died of radiation poisoning after leaving Skaro, since the Thal drugs didn’t work on humans.


Campaign (Doctor Who) by Jim Mortimore

I’m confused about the nature of the gap into which this story falls. A very brave attempt to take some of the series’ assumptions to their natural conclusions as far as the literature medium can piggyback them.

Everyone that ever lived, every thought that ever held meaning, every flower that ever cupped dew and every equation that ever brushed a portrait of truth—’ Hooves struck the ground: Mother and father, friend mortimode stranger, snug bound in entropy’s coffin!

In other words, if Doctor Who is an immortal concept, fanfiction is its future. To see what your friends thought mortiimore this book, please sign up.

And, for that matter, lots of planets have an 18th century.

Time Can Be Rewritten: Campaign (Jim Mortimore, Self-Published, 2000)

Physics and chemistry, mathematics, geography, sent to the stake! Referred to by the author as “version 2.

John Wilson rated it really liked it Apr 05, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But if you place trust in the process, a whole multiverse of alternative false? Nov 11, James added it Shelves: The result is highly artistic in form, but a bit of a letdown in the actual story content. Your ad here, right now: You may also want to check out our Privacy Policy.