Easy-to-use PCB design software CADSTAR includes; schematics, PCB Experience CADSTAR PCB design software for free – includes 4 self teach tutorials. PCB Design Self Teach – CADSTAR iii. Table Of SCM Design Editor. The Schematic Design program should now be run up with as the. (ii) Contents – Schematic Design Self Teach – CADSTAR Task: To read in an existing Schematic design called

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Move the cursor into the Workspace window and click on the ‘plus’ signs to reveal the ‘Master’ and ‘Three Decade’ sheets, as shown below 7. You can save yourself time by creating Macros which carry out these operations xadstar you.

To make the design fill the screen: Using the C command Select the intersection of the row Placement Shape and the column layer 2. The list of all attributes can be rather long, but there caestar the option to restrict it to those attributes that fall into selected categories.

This assumes that you are using the controlled directory structure. You can reposition them, toggle their display sef, add new icons to them or remove existing icons from them, and create new toolbars.


This time you are going to use the Move icon: To add the bus to the Counter circuit The display is updated after every pointer movement to maintain accuracy.

Select the window which contains the JK Flip Flop The selected window is now brought to the front and is active. You can display a certain amount of useful information about each part on the design.


Here are some of them; shown by their icons first and a short description: Tesch will now find that ‘Checks’ replaces ‘Custom 1’ in the list Task – to set the colours for the layers Do I have to set the colours up every time I use P. Occasionally when you are routing you will see a white rectangular symbol, as shown here, when you are close to the finishing pad.

The format of the string is: The attributes displayed and their values will depend on the current level which is selected.

Press the Install button. You are going to replace R1, R4 and R5.

Self Teach.rar

You are going to assign this Macro to one of the Function Keys. For this exercise you are going to create a simple Macro for opening a new Schematic design. A report is then csdstar Setting up the Options for moving symbols If your design has many active layers i. You can toggle the display of these handles on the Interaction dialog within Options.


PCB Design Software – CADSTAR | Zuken

Engineering, layout or high-speed specialist? Task – to use the Repaint option How Will I Learn? First of all it popped up with a message at the end of installation that DraGrid. This button displays a dialog see below which creates the link from your system to the terminal on which the Network Licensing software is installed.

Select Create Variant Symbol on the Actions menu The outlines of the selected symbol should now be displayed in the variant colour. Setting up your display Before you start any placement or routing, you should set up the colours used to display different items in your design.

Release the Mouse button You can also float the toolbar so that it is located within the design area.