Used B&W DM Bookshelf speakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. B&W Group North America. T +1 E [email protected] B&W Group Asia Ltd. T + 2 E [email protected] DM There is lots of unusual in B&W DM speaker system. Faceplate is entirely cast of non-resonant polypropylene. The tweeter with metallic dome is “loaded” on.

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Bowers & Wilkins DM Loudspeakers –

Like the five-year-old DM, the DM is a two-way back-vented design with a 6-inch woofer, d303 tweeter, nominal impedance of 8 ohms, and power handling of 25 to watts. For shielding reasons, it is important to use a speaker designed to be used on top of your dm30, as well as to choose a quality match for your front and surround speakers.

Among the trickle-down features is a tapered tube that absorbs sound-polluting radiation from the rear of the tweeter. The DM’s aluminum-alloy dm3303 and woven-fiberglass woofer, however, are more advanced than the DM’s plastic and paper drivers. Advertise with Us Specs Disclaimer Sponsors. As for the ASW sub, its watt power spec comes from a continuous test tone rather than a peak reading. Leave this field blank.

Q Acoustics 5. Speaker cables were Monster’s THX brand. This puts the speaker at risk of being knocked over dm3003 an animal or passerby — both a hazard to the speaker and a toddler.

While the Nautilus series has been extremely well regarded among the upper echelon of recent loudspeaker designs, it lies out of reach of most consumers.

Another concept is to be very conscious of what is on the shelf with the speaker. The was reborn as a Matrix model in and again as a Nautilus in In most respects, the DMs appear to be conventional stand-mounted speakers.

What Your Kids Need for Christmas. They have obvious flaws when compared to much more expensive loudspeakers, but in their prospective price class, they stand out like a supermodel at a Shriners convention.

Mini-monitors, which can cost as much as several thousand dollars are speakers made with performance in mind first.

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These loudspeakers have character and personality. Also, speakers that are less visualy obtrusive can provide a more sonically transparent listening experience.

Smaller cabinets tend to interact less and often introduce less sonic coloration due to cabinet resonances — a major sonic issue with dynamic loudspeaker design.

Mounted on Osiris Sm303 24″ stands, the DMs were first powered, in a best-case scenario, with the same equipment used for the house reference speakers, ProAc Response 2S: The Primare is probably more amplifier than the DMs would be paired with in a typical environment, and any direct comparison to the ProAcs is without justification considering that they retailed for 12 times the price of the DMs when available.

Audioengine HD3 Loudspeaker Review. The ProAcs Response 2Ses are relatively large stand-mounted speakers, and they cast a rm303 that’s deep and wide, as well as accurate. I wonder if smoothness can or should be infinite — reality, for instance, is not always so smooth.

This supposedly diminishes resonance inside the cabinet that can interfere with the driver itself, leading to unwanted b&d.

The violin is smooth — velvet comes to mind, and so does Velveeta. This damped tapering tube sits behind the tweeter, providing absorption of unwanted radiation, resulting in a more natural high-frequency response. Matched well with equipment cm303 song, the DMs offer strong value. A single pair of five-way binding posts on the rear of each speaker, with easily gripped plastic nuts, allows for the usual variety of cable connections.

Create new account Request new password. It performed every role in the system. Does this dm3303 come because of my exposure to speakers like my ProAcs, which will play lower?

The dimpling is said to smooth the flow of air as it passes out of the loudspeaker, reducing unwanted chuffing. The quirky but accomplished Rheostatics also dish up a busy evening on Introducing Happiness [Sire ], loaded with dense layers of samples, riffs, one-shot sounds and remarks that haunt both the serious and offbeat contemporary pop-rock tracks.

Soundstaging is always a product of resolution, a well-treated room, good upstream components and positioning. This is not your father’s bookshelf speaker, OK? Introduction When selecting a speaker for your music or home entertainment system, there are bw many critical variables to consider including size, aesthetics, price and, lastly but surely not least, performance.


There is no denying that bigger speakers can provide more bass and in many cases more dynamics, yet there are advantages to smaller speakers, as smaller cabinets are less expensive to produce. Due to the fact that many or at least spouses of many prefer not to have their speakers as a visual centerpiece in their living rooms, small speakers are dominant in the AV retail environment.

B&W DM303 Bookshelf Speakers

The loudspeakers are available in either maple or black vinyl finish — the review pair was maple flavored. The DM measures a mere 13 inches tall, seven-and-three-quarters inches wide and nine-and-one-half inches deep, weighing a scant 11 pounds apiece. And like anyone who does, whether they gel with the party depends a lot on the crowd. A good stand is one that is both sturdy to protect your speaker and equally rigid to provide coupling to reduce coloration caused by speaker cabinet resonance.

Sm303 DMs took the stage in several different configurations, each without their cloth grilles.

Related Latest Reviews News. I didn’t use the sub during my first listening session, and I didn’t need to. Acting on the hunch that some of the perceived helium may have been the result of ancillary equipment, the DMs were moved once again from the Arcam components to the Creeka modestly priced integrated amp known for its warmth.

Music From Big Pink. The DM was one of the first speakers to use an irregular molded-plastic enclosure to reduce internal resonance. This is trance leading up to the pearly gates, and the DMs beg to provide the wings, so extended is their treble. In these scenarios, the interconnects were Silver Serpents, along with premium speaker cables from BetterCables. Thirty-five seconds into the Mansun track, a depth charge is dropped into the mix — the kind of sonic boom that, cranked up on the highway, would wake the next county.