Vadyba ir valdymas pagal ekonomikos terminų žodyną planavimą, organizavimą, motyvavimą ir kontrolę organizacijos tikslams pasiekti. Fabijonas Saulius Butkus. Vilnius Gediminas Technical F. S. Butkus. number of professionals in .. Butkus, F. S. Vadyba: organizacijos veiklos ope-. Socialiniai mokslai, vadyba ir administravimas (03 S) . Lithuanian researchers Butkus (), Butkus (), Šalčius (), Zakarevičius (), . Probleminių žmonių motyvavimas kaip organizacijos potencialo panaudojimo didinimo.

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In addition to purges and repression, the work of Sovietisation started practically from scratch. A Journey into the Soviet Governance of Culture During six field trips, I conducted 26 semi-structured interviews with Lithuanian cultural policy makers, cultural op- Among whom were Vice Minister of Culture Vytautas Jakelaitis b.

Nauka, Historical Background This chapter discusses the development of the state administrative bodies for cultural policy-making and their relation to major cultural organisations in pre- Soviet and Sovietised Lithuania.

To some extent, I did not organiacijos to encourage my informants to take an in- terest in my study because I wanted to find out how they defined the field of The pilot fieldwork was on 26 September — 4 Octoberfollowed with further fieldwork in AprilAugustDecember31 March — 20 Apriland 30 October — 13 November At the time of writing, there is no single professional historian or sociologist of science and technology in Lithuanian academic institutes.

Keeping in mind that the relationship between the Soviet past and the post-Soviet Lithuanian present is highly problematic, I decided not to use Not to mention that a chronicle list is also based on interpretative selection.

Wolfe, Governing Soviet Journalism: However, Soviet economic logic also consid- ered culture to be a low priority. Chapter VI demonstrates how cybernetics was received by Lithuanian in- tellectuals and cultural operators.


Vilnius University and the Vilnius Arts School had been closed for 86 years. As sources, the memoirs of a vice-minister and minister of culture were much more useful. Both the Red Army and the native population suffered heavy casualties in battle, while the major Lithuanian cities were badly damaged by bombings and street combat.

Some Features of the Soviet Economic System To begin with, I would like to briefly point out two important aspects of the Soviet economic system — first, the ideological importance of centralised plan- ning and, second, the significance of formal organisation.

I myself have won- dered whether the works of Western historians of Soviet science had any impact on Soviet scientists. AfterLithuania was represented at several international art exhibitions, including the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Monza,and in at the Museum of Applied Arts in Paris.

See Vytautas Petronis, Constructing Lithuania: Indeed, the establish- ment of the ministry did not entail significant changes in the work of previously existing governmental agencies.

Darbas. Vadyba. Gyvenimas

From topropa- ganda affairs in Soviet Russia and its occupied republics were coordinated by 64 All cultural organisations were nationalised both in the Baltic and the satellite Eastern European countries. It had a significant population of Jews and Tatars. Soviet and Nazi Rule,ed. Indiana University Press, Trust and credibility were the most important issues in gutkus access and conducting the interviews. The council also estab- lished work regulations, analysed the execution of plans and identified and awarded the winners of socialist competitions.

The next chapter analyses further this pacification of Soviet governance and focuses on its economic as- pects. Ponomarenko retired in The role of the Communist Party the Party was central in both defining the goals for the state cultural policy and ensuring their implementation: Being one of the first books about Kr cultural policy that would focus on other countries than Russia, it also contrib- utes to Soviet cultural studies. It is important to note butkux price as a in- formative unit about cost, demand and supply was absent in Orgaanizacijos economy.


His work was influenced by Symbolism and Romanticism.

Vadybos ir valdymo samprata by Diana Gailiūtė on Prezi

Educated at the Moscow Institute of Fibre Chemical Technologyshe continued her studies at the Higher Party School and became the second secretary of Moscow City the first secretary ina member of the CC since and the Politburo from to The Years of Dependence London: An official letter was sent to Vaydba, asking for a permission to register the museum, proposing an opening exhibition de- voted to Sholom Aleikhem, an acknowledged Jewish classic writer in the Soviet Union.

For instance, Gerovitch and Nikolai Krementsov re- jected this central governance-focused approach by showing that the internal personal and institutional contests among scientists contributed towards making Soviet science and technology.

As Zvorykin thought it necessary to describe the statistical process in detail, his account deserves a longer quote: Organiazcijos the one hand, this devolution may be understood as a sign organisacijos a positive attitude towards a decentralised, public organisation of cultural administration in Lithuania. Orgabizacijos example, peasants were to be transformed into workers of industrialised agriculture.

Its foremost goal was to stimulate the inventorisation of the monuments, the process which went painfully slowly.

Bielinis became a deputy head of the culture department at the CC LCPthen head of the science and education departmentand the minister of culture