Buddleja coriacea in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. We have Ian Barclay to thank for sharing with us his collection from high elevations in Peru of this distinctive Buddleia. Densely ranked leaves with a gleaming. Monographs Details: Buddleja coriacea Remy. Authority: Norman, E. M. Buddlejaceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. (Published by NYBG Press).

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Miscellaneous see more detailsflowering flowering Subject Category: Keyword Advanced Browse all content Thesaurus. You can read our full Privacy Policy here https: Leaves with petiole mm long, with well marked stipular lines, blades elliptic to obovate, x 0.

The shrub has never been known to flower in the UK owing to either the insufficient ciriacea or duration of sunlight. Buddleja coriacea – ‘Colle’, ‘Kishuara’.

Don’t have an account? This leaflet on Buddleja coriacea contains brief notes on taxonomy and nomenclature, distribution and habit, uses, botanical description, a fruit and seed description, flowering and fruiting habit, harvest information, seed processing and handling, seed storage and viability, seed dormancy and Buddleja List Longstock Park Nursery. Flowering occurs throughout the year, buddkeja most commonly between December and June.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Boiled leaves are added to butter and are used for relief of rheumatism and nerve pain as well as catarrh. Disciplines, Occupations and Industries see more detailsplant morphology plant morphology Subject Category: Organism Names see more detailsangiosperms angiosperms Subject Category: We would like to contact you via email from time to time to seek feedback about ways in which we can improve My CABI such as adding or changing its functionality, new features and content.


Buddleja coriacea or kiswara tree in Calamarca village square, Bolivia

You must accept the Privacy Policy to continue. Close Find out more. Natural Processes see more detailsfruits fruits Subject Category: Stamens subsessile, inserted mm below sinus, anthers 0. Miscellaneous see more detailsphytogeography phytogeography Subject Category: On this basis, I have selected the collection from near Lake Titicaca as the lectotype of Buddleja coriacea.

Name your project Please enter project name. This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible. Commodities and Products see more detailsfrost protection frost protection Subject Category: Natural Processes see more details and pretreatment, and sowing and seed germination seed germination Subject Category: Tanas, kolli, colle, culli, orcco-quishuar, puna kiswar, puna quishuar, quishuar, olivio silvestre de los Incas, cogiacea.

Natural Processes see more detailsseeds seeds Subject Category: Some native forest species for the High Andes. Corolla deep yellow turning orange, tubular-salverform, tomentulose outside, inside glabrous, tube 4. Miscellaneous see more detailsfruiting fruiting Subject Category: We may also use digital footprint connection information such as your IP address and other technical identifiers, to collect usage data, click stream data, and information about the pages you visited and searched, to analyse usage for the purpose of enhancing and improving our service.

Please only use this feature if you are author of these publications: Species Description – Trioecious shrub or tree with dense crown, -8 m high, with brownish or blackish fissured bark, branches thick, subquadrangular, tomentose. Like most websites we use cookies. Commodities and Products see more detailshabitats habitats Subject Category: Buddleja coriacea is a variable species. Buddleja coriacea foliage, Longstock Park Nursery.

Export upto 10, records per session in batches of max. Organism Names see more detailsplants plants Subject Category: Miscellaneous see more detailsvuddleja germination seed germination Subject Category: Plants with staminate and perfect flowers have longer corollas 5. Disciplines, Occupations and Industries see more detailserosion control erosion control Subject Category: You can choose to delete your My CABI account from your profile coracea, in which case, all your information will be deleted from our servers.


Budsleja Groups see more detailsnomenclature nomenclature Subject Category: Buddleja arborea Meyen, may be an earlier name for this taxon. The wood is useful budddleja making charcoal, in construction, and in tool making.

Buddleja coriacea – Wikispecies

There is little doubt that it hybridizes with both those taxa. Infusions of leaves and flowers are employed as antiseptic on wounds and are taken as a tea against gonorrhea and other venereal disease Oblitas, ; Solomonas well as to alleviate urinary disorders Cardenas, The anthers in the former are also more conspicuous and can be seen near the sinus, while those of the latter are small and inserted approximately halfway up the corolla tube.

For example, the lectotype has an inflorescence more highly branched than average. Buddleja coriacea is cultivated in the high Andes as a corkacea windbreak, as a source of humus for soil improvement, and as high quality, rotproof timber for use in building construction and manufacture of agricultural tools. Buddleja oblongifolia Rusby Buddleja rhododendroides Kraenzl. We collect your name, email address, institutional affiliation and login credentials.

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