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Your name or email address: Almost nothing else in amateur radio is as important as this rule, and there are absolutely no exceptions to it. The authors know of no fuse which bi208 fail at a guaranteed 30mA or so with any consistency, and very-low-current fuses are prone to early fatigue failures with varying current.


Fig 3 is the circuit of the bias supply. Oct 18, 3. Extending an datashete to pin 72 switches the supply to the receive mode. It should be noted that the schematic 4. The four extra transistors on the additional board are simple inverters to interface the cmos with common-cathode bicolour l.

If the pot is turned fully, the base voltage will increase slightly to about 0. This mark is similar to diode marks, which have a 1N prefix e.

When these adjustments have been completed, switch back to Class AB1 and measure the raw dc input voltage to the supply. Check that the output of channel A is variable by means of RV Since the supply will sink up to 60mA without difficulty, there are no problems of fluctuation of the working point of the valve as a function of grid current.

Previous page Table of contents Next page. The two 68kf12W resistors and the vdr should be connected directly to pin 1 of the valveholder. As far as the control logic is concerned, RR38 are all 2. Look at the picture and pay attention to the control currents base currents of the transistors: When the resistor is connected to the circuit, base voltage is equal to 0.


The authors would merely say that in some five years of using both this design and its predecessor, which has been built by many constructors, no cases of device failure under short-circuit conditions have been experienced or reported to them.

If the ehv sample is not datashedt, the master alarm should sound after about 2. This variable current is used to shift the membrane of the speakerphones forward daatasheet times per second and fifty times backwards, meaning that we can hear the 50Hz tone on the output. However, high-voltage Darlingtons will not work efficiently in the constant-current source position.

BU datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Pinouts of some common packages. Several different transistors are shown in photo 4. Home – Techniek – Electronica – Radiotechniek – Radio amateur bladen – Radio Communication – A power supply and control system for tetrode amplifiers 2.

When there is no resistor, there is no current flow IB, and no Ic current.

BU208 Datasheet PDF

This sample of the output voltage is compared with the bu20 voltage from D39 in ICIO, which drives the shunt stabiliser element TR9. The figure of 2. Minimum hFE of 2. The main difference is that the collector is connected to headphones. The heart of it is an overcompensated driving a shunt stabiliser transistor, TR5. When mounting the completed pcb in the die-cast box, make sure that there is at least a l0mm clearance between the track side of the board and the box to avoid short-circuits.


In fact they are something of a backstop since GW4FRX’s amplifers have for some years had a similar component directly between pin 1 of the valveholder and chassis and this seems to have worked well in protecting the valve and its base against flashover damage.

The performance of this design is very good. The bleeder resistors and vdr are connected directly to the. Fig 5 shows a suggested scheme. This lead is connected to the ground of the circuit, to protect the transistor from possible external electrical interference. According to the recommended values given by the vatasheet, optimum results stability, low distortion and noise, high gain, etc.

May 20, 1, A simple transistor amplifier It should be noted that the schematic 4. The quoted value gives about 60mA with most of the above transistors and input voltages between and V. For example, if the multimeter shows 2. Next, check that the voltage of channel A is variable by means of RV15; some 30V variation should be available. High voltage transistors may have a small current gain and a high saturation voltage.

In that case, probes should be reversed as well if you’re using analog instrument one with a needle. It vatasheet suggested that when the board is complete it is fitted into a standard-sized die-cast box and the connections to It taken out either via feedthrough capacitors or multiway connectors such as D-types.

In general terms, the best thing to do with this resistor is to wind an inductor round it.

The value of R68 should be chosen to pass about 5mA when the ptt switch in Fig 6 is open-circuit; the formula is.