BS EN 60947-2 PDF


Telephone: +41 22 02 11 Telefax: +41 22 03 00 E-mail: [email protected] Web: INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. IEC. Third edition. So how many are aware of the difference between these two Standards? I had these highlighted to me a few years ago and it was news to me. BS EN applies to circuit-breakers, the main contacts of which are intended to be connected to circuits, the rated voltage of which.

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BS EN 60947-2:2017

Consequences can be dire if residential CBs are used instead of industrial ones. IEC covers all the types of the breakers: You can view our current job opportunities, apply online or send a spontaneous application here: The best way to avert them is tightly worded, highly enforced national regulations.

That notion, combined with lack of knowledge or technical expertise, may have led to the misconception that there is one standard for all CBs.

Blogger Directory View All Posts. HI I would like 60497-2 know what have been the design and technological trend in low and medium current and high current miniature circuit breakers.

BS EN – Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Circuit-breakers

Reply I have started working in the industrial sector and am having trouble completing test certs for installations fed from panels.

The requirements for circuit-breakers for equipment for example electrical appliances are contained in IEC The standard states that the top rated current is A, while the lowest is 6A and maximum value of rated short-circuit capacity Icn is 25kA.


The Red document status indicator indicates that the document is an old version The document has likely been withdrawn by the publisher, also the meta wn presented here may be out of date as it is no longer being maintained by the editorial teams at NBS. The requirements and test methods for electromagnetic compatibility of circuit-breakers are contained in Annex J. In any case it will break 15kA.

Reply Hello Jonas, No, your statement is not correct. View the Blogger Directory. Users found this page by searching for: StrimaSep 3, The history of standard Ns may have something to do with it. Dear Mostafa, in IEC it is mainly used definition of Icn rated nominal breaking capacity but not Icu ultimate breaking capacity and it makes the difference. No, create an account now.

At present I am in bss of job can you help me in getting job so that i can creat my future. MarvoSep 3, I am in search of complete MCCB test procedure with graphical explanation. They are both standards that specify requirements for low-voltage circuit breakers.

IEC 60898-1 and IEC 60947-2: a tale of two standards

The requirements and test methods for electromagnetic compatibility of circuit-breaker auxiliaries are contained in Annex N. Or take the tripping characteristics: These are all written into the Standard so if you are installing MCBs in to areas of a Polution Level 3 then that circuit breaker is not fit for purpose. The concept behind it as it evolved in ss was a single standard for all low-voltage switchgear. I do not have example of the breaker to comment this point.


Reply Dear Koks, Yes it is safe choice. Dear Amey, If I understood your question well, the difference comes from ratio of nominal Icn and ultimate Icu breaking capacities ratio to service breaking capacity Ics.

Want access to British Standards? In fact it is about the same, eg. Applies to circuit-breakers, the main contacts of which are intended to be connected to circuits, the rated 60947-22 of which does not exceed 1,V a.

Example of Resi9 and Eazy9 circuit breakers for residential applications. I am confused with two standards for the same breaker. Kindly let me know if it is available on the Schneider site appreciate if Schneider can up load a youtube video Reply Dear Sumedha, Test procedures are explained in the mentioned standards.

Typically IEC certified CBs meet minimally required performance to proof proper protection of household installations: Yes Hagar and Eaton will make devices to both Standards so when filling out certs we should be stating MCBs are installed.

The requirements for circuit-breakers which are also intended to provide earth-leakage protection are contained in Annex B. What will be be approximate short-time delay timing for A inrush? They protect electrical sb distribution of up to volts a.

Reply Thanks for your reply. Hello Lim, It is higher because of lower Icu breaking capacity ratio to service breaking capacity Ics, eg.