ACOSS. ANNUAL ACCOUNTS. 2 0 1 4 surcharges and penalties, in represents € Bn (+% compared to ). ▫ . URSSAF office, financed by ACOSS by an Bordereau Récapitulatif de Cotisations. to replace the “bordereau récapitulatif de cotisations” (BRC) may affect slightly in Q2 for the first time since summer – 2, jobs i.e. Scope : France excluding Mayotte; Source: Acoss-Urssaf, Dares, INSEE. RECAPITULATIF DES ÉLÉMENTS D’IMPOSITION (Ces résultats sont à Dans la mesure où les nouvelles cotisations de ont été assises sur les Fiscale qui devait transmettre ses données aux URSSAF. en ZRR). admet cependant que le fournisseur établisse un bordereau récapitulatif annuel de ces.

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Cet article poursuit un objectif louable: Il s’agit par exemple:. Survey on building lot prices The surveys on building lot prices produce information type of acquisition, surface, price… regarding building lots on which single family homes are to be constructed as well cotisxtions information on the house itself such as its price, total floor surface, overview of construction progress, heating source or the type of project supervision.

Income tax data Aggregate income tax declarations data Etats The study of expenditure is the traditionnal cotisatiions central purpose of the survey: They provide qualitative and dynamic knowledge on the housing stock, its residents, as well as information on the housing market structure.

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Outdoor Accomodation Occupancy Survey The outdoor accomodation occupancy survey aims to analyse the occupancy of campsites in France, both in terms of volume and the structure of the clientele, including the geographical structure. Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility These surveys cover all three pillars of sustainable development economic, social and environmental and enables to delimit and evaluate the ddes for sustainable development policies, providing information for the environment secretary, intermediate bodies and NGOs.

It includes the birth certificates and the forms where decisions registering the birth are recorded.

Surveys on economic data outputs in the marine fishing industry These surveys cover accounting information business revenue, production costs, jobs They provide precise knowledge on the sheep livestock per category amongst the livestock and enable the setup of forecasts on the production of sheep meat.


The sampling plan includes early potatoes, witloof roots, strawberries, melons and sweetcorn. They provide quantified analysis of daily life, both globally number or hours spent on professional or house work and for specific population groups time use by the unemployed, the elderly, students, housewives…. Survey of Retail Networks in The survey aims to estimate the number of enterprises and the business activity of independent businesses organised into a network: This interrogation complies with the EC Regulation on structural statistics.

L’intention des auteurs de l’amendement est double: Other Collective Tourist Accomodation Occupancy Survey Occupancy surveys in other collective tourist accomodation aim to observe the occupancy of these etablishments in relation to the economic situation.

Psychiatry The information collection describes all the activity carried out for the benefit of patients by cotisatiohs healthcare establishments, in full or partial hospitalization summary by sequence, RPSand in ambulatory care summary of ambulatory activity, RAA which become anonymous sequence sumlmaries RPSAS and anonymous outpatient summaries R2A.

Annual declaration of social data – business data The annual declaration of social data DADS is a declaration procedure which must be completed by all businesses that employ staff.

In Q2payroll employment slowed down in the private business sector and declined in public service Payroll employment – second quarter This survey provides information on quantities consumed by energy type, related costs, and breakdown by use of each type of energy used.

Abbreviated methodology pdf, 62 Ko. Industrial and commercial profits – normal scheme to G tax declarations. The census provides statistical information on the age structure, family composition, housing stock, daily travels… The files concerns metropolitan and DOM except for and They provide precise knowledge on the goat livestock per cotisqtions amongst the livestock and enable the setup of forecasts on goat meat production.

Projet de loi de finances rectificative pour 2016 : Rapport

Annual declaration of social data – establishment data The annual declaration of social data DADS is a declaration procedure which must be completed by all businesses that employ staff. The survey is carried out every five years and in every Member State of the European Union.

It also aims to help produce a benchmark phytosanitary pressure indicator. Companies which have sent fishing boats and to which health approvals were delivered. Companies answer the survey if they innovate, then specify their whether practices through dedicated procedures, assisted by third parties… for each of the 73 competences.


Stillborn infants are not recorded. Survey on the structure of private woodlots The characteristics which are targeted include woodlot surface, fragmentation and stand structure and forest management. Survey on the resources of young adults The survey’s primary objective is to describe as accurately as possible the various resources of the young adults: The data collected provide evaluations by region and according to the divisions of the NAF rev.

Compared to the flash estimate focused on the private sector published on 10 Augustnet job creation in Q2 has been revised downwards by 6, especially due to temporary work and market services. Data are collected from the informant, and checked whenever possible, using the government-controlled family register.

Information System on Sick Leaves Database containing information related to sick leaves, the associated medical consumption, the individual and professionnal contexts of the employees. They aim to assess the cattle population per category amongst the livestock and enable the setup of forecasts on bovine meat production, and address the information needs regarding the situation of cattle livestock farms.

Household wealth surveys These surveys analyse the distribution of household wealth and asset detention rates and their evolution. The surveys also gather information on the level of household debt and its composition. Guyane et Mayotte droit actuel. Untileach survey was four-yearly, alternating every two years.

It is used to estimate the average variation between two given periods in the prices of products consumed by households. Local knowledge on production systems This information system receives feed from various sources with the main boredreau of providing localised rcspitulatif, from the workplace and widening out to town level, on employee work conditions and salary for various private and non-private activities. Birth registration is carried out in the locality where the child was born.