explain the fundamental terms and concepts in SAP Business Workflow and to make the appropriate settings for workflow processing. learn how to find and. This SAP Workflow (BIT) course prepares participants to explain the fundamental terms and concepts in SAP Business Workflow. Introduction based on BIT Patric Beuthen SAP Consulting. Workflow Architecture Workflow Organization Business Workplace Workflow Monitoring Workflow.

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Elements from secondary methods must therefore be provided with valid values by another method container operation, binding from event If it does not already exist, you must first create the object reference in the workflow container. The workflow components with their own containers are: In turn, a subsequent task can then be filled with this value from the workflow container, for example, in the work item text.

Since you have not yet defined the required tasks, but you want to test the workflow template, integrate two user decisions into your workflow definition.

Asynchronous methods do not send a response to the calling program. Entered by, entered on, etc. This event forms part of the BUS object type. Options for Agent Determination Figure Overview of Containers Exercise Objectives After completing this exercise, you will be able to: Workflow material master change group.

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BIT – SAP Workflow – Build and Use | SAP TRAINING COURSES – SAP Courses AND Training

Choose the Container tab in the lower part of the screen. BAPIs have an established static interface.

You cannot go directly from the definition of tasks to test transaction SWUS. Material master change not okay Decision text 1: Structure of the Workflow Builder Lesson Overview This lesson provides information on the structure of workflow templates as a whole, and on the workflow definition that is created in the Workflow Builder. Delegation 2 How to set up a delegation, go to the Business Object Builder: True Containers in the Workflow Engine contain standard elements.

A customer calls your company. Start the Workflow Builder Task 2: The work item in turn refers to vusiness specific object for the object type. Call the test transaction separately from the menu, choose: Generate a subtype for the Material Master supertype and extend it according to your requirements.

To terminate work items for asynchronous methods, the application that executes the method must trigger a terminating event.

Steps types that are rarely used or not used at all can be hidden from the step type display on the left of the screen. All users in the system can execute the task general task. This becomes the sender of the e-mail. Fundamentals aorkflow Workflow Architecture 3. They are called multistep tasks before Release 4. The is always filled as by the system as standard.


Now you need busiess understand which interface is used to link this material to the workflow, and how the individual tasks can businews the material.

The system will generate a suggestion. The system buffers the assignment of users to organizational objects once daily. Task Definition Since a synchronous method can return values to the calling system, synchronous methods can have export parameters or results parameters. Define the required standard tasks for your workflow.

SAP Workflow – Build and Use

You are invited to attend a meeting about workflows. Terminating events only need to be maintained if the method is an asynchronous method. Workflow templates or workflow tasks can be created before Release 4. Choose Save to do this.