Your positive review means a lot to us. Kindly Rate our app. In Jainism Bhaktamar stotra is Extraordinary and most power Mantra that every Jain apply in his life. Bhaktamar Stotra is one of the famous Jain sanskrit prayers. It is said to be composed by Manatunga. The name Bhaktamara comes from a combination of two. Product description. Bhaktamara Stotra is the most famous of the Jain prayers. It was composed by Acharya Manatunga. Bhaktamar stotra is gem of devotional.

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stotrz He is identified by some scholars as Kshapanaka, one of the Navaratnas in the court of legendary Vikramaditya. Drishtava bhavantam animesha vilokaniyam nanyatra toshamupayati janasya chakshuh.

Bhaktamara Stotra – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. Your innumerable virtues are radiating throughout the universe-even beyond the three worlds, surpassing the glow of the full moon; the hymns in praise of your virtues can be heard everywhere throughout the universe. Samyak pranamya jin pad yugam yugada- valambanam bhavajale patatam jananam.

The sun slowly shines over different parts of the world, but the glory of your omniscience reaches every part of the world, all at once. Bhaktamar pranat maulimaniprabhanam uddyotakam dalita pap tamovitanam.

In fact, what is the purpose of serving a master who does not allow his subjects to prosper to an elevated position like his? The resplendent orb around you is more magnificent than any other luminous object in the universe.

Just as the shining sun rays dispel the darkness spread across the universe, the sins accumulated by men through cycles of birth, are wiped out by the eulogies offered to you. Check date values in: Your beautiful face transcends the moon. The beauty of Thy face, O Lord, transcends that of moon Which sets, suffers, eclipse, disappears in the clouds soon Thou dispels delusion moon the darkness of night Thou illumines universe moon makes a planet bright.


Unnidra hema nava pankaja punjakanti paryullasannakha mayukha shikhabhiramau. O monk of monks!

O Master of the three worlds! Bhaktamara Stotra is recited by many with religious regularity.

The wise have hailed your omniscience, so you are the Buddha. Having duly bowed down at the feet of Bhagwan Adinath, the first Tirthankar, the divine glow of his nails increases luster of jewels of their crowns. The verses of Bhaktamar are thought to possess magical properties tantra.

Bhaktamara Stotra

Sitting under the Ashoka tree, the aura of your sparkling body gleaming, you look as divinely splendid as the halo of the sun in dense clouds, penetrating the darkness with its rays. The infinite and eternal knowledge that you have, is not possessed by any other deity in this world.

Divyadhvanirbhvati te vishadartha sarva bhasha svabhava sanksrit gunaih prayojyah. Of course, is the great Mandara mountain shaken by the tremendous gale of the doomsday, that moves common hillocks? Apada – kanthamurushrrinkhala – veshtitanga, gadham brihannigadakotinighrishtajanghah tvannamamantramanisham manujah smarantah, sadyah svayam vigata-bandhabhaya bhavanti.

With the completion of each verse, a chain broke, or a bhaitamar opened. Your infinite virtues sznskrit passionlessness cannot be eclipsed. Shumbhat prava valaya bhuri vibha vibhoste lokatraya dyutimatam dyutimakshipanti. Even the greatest of storm that does not effect it.

Svargapavarga gama marga virmarganeshtah saddharmatatva kathanaika patustrilokyah. After having seen you in different perspectives, monks hail you as: Sannskrit last verse gives the name of the author Manatunga.

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Jain texts Jain mantras Devotion songs.

Yat kokilah kila madhau madhuram virauti tachchamra charu kalika nikaraika-hetuh. Nishpanna shalivana shalini jivaloke karyam kiyajjaladharairjalabhara namraih. It is no wonder that he who is engaged in praising your infinite virtues imbibing the virtues in his conduct attains your exhilarated position. The devotee who always wears bhakfamar in the neck memorises and chants attracts the goddess Lakshmi.

Resplendent like sun spotless, the Being Supreme Unaffected by delusion saints hold you in high esteem They conquer death on Thy realization Being the only sure way of securing salvation. Persons thrown in prison, chained from head to toe, whose thighs have been injured bhaktamzr the chain, gets unshackled and freed from enslavement just by chanting your name.

A lion who has torn apart elephant’s head with blood flowing under, scattering blood stained pearls on the ground, ready to pounce with growling sound, If your devotee falls in his grasp, and has firm faith in you, even the lion will not touch the devotee.

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The moon shines only at night but your face is always beaming. Kalpanta kala maruta chalitachalena kim mandaradri shikhiram chalitamkadachit. It is well known that to protect her fawn, even a deer puts his feet down and faces a lion, forgetting its own frailness.