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To that I say: All of your magic characters will find their points allotments for magical items to be a bit tight – beastmen are poor from living in the woods after all. Remember – be prepared to pay points for a decent magic phase.

Warhammer Army Book

Why no boook units? Are there any particular reasons for removing the heavy armour? Did not make much sense that they were more skilled fighters than Orcs really, and is consistent with the WS of the Wargor and Beastlord.

Your ad here, right now: Minos lost the option for heavy armour and cannot properly pursue due to bloodgreed.

Beastmen Army Book (warhammer Armies) by Hoare Andy Kelly Phil 1841549568

While named characters are judged against their generic counterparts, generic characters are examined based on their role in your army. But until then, I’ll make ambushers optional. Can’t make everybody happy unfortunately!

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Is an encarnation of madness, and it should reflex that. Essentially, they’re now a casualty of 8th edition; pity that WHFB had to be rebooted because of an exceptionally OP army made by a particular cocksucker.

Yeah, I hope people find it to be useful. In general the biggest problems with Lore of the Wild is what the spells work on and beastmenn fact that some can be done better by your own armoury more on this in the spells themselves. Stopping the enemy’s spell casters is a must. The lore needs quite some rework; otherwise it will never be used – I would definitely not call myself an expert on Beastmen as I’ve only played against them a few times, but I’ve updated the points values on most units to be on par with other books and cheaper in some cases.

Beastmen Army Book (warhammer Armies) by Hoare Andy Kelly Phil | eBay

Primal Onslaught is added Lore Attribute. That’s what it’s here for. The biggest and most egregious: But it feels a liitle bit rushed if beastmenn compare it with the great bretonnian book. You need to get as many kills as possible to force Insane Courage from your opponent on the charge.

However with a L4 and a power scroll, you can potentially force through a couple of spells at crucial times. What would an army of this sort look like? Mathias Eliasson 29 August at Thank you so much! That said, a few named characters do have abilities and wargear or wargear combos unique to them, so if you absolutely need to have them, go ahead.


I dont know if my last post got deleted or posted, but ill try again Longtime beastmen player here games in 8th, multiple tournaments, leagues with the goats. Ungors 4 pts, Ungor Raiders 5 pts. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

This would also make them more expensive. Lore of Shadows is okay if you want to try for Occam’s Mindrazor, but Death and Beasts are more all purpose. Mathias Eliasson 27 October at Now that you’re stressed for points, let’s not forget to add the fact that you should have wizards if possible.

Also, a magic banner bsb has every capability to be just as useful as one with a decent save. Some good points and some not so good ones.

Warhammer Armies Project: Beastmen 8th ed book out now!

Remember, keep all of these monsters away from dedicated combat units with lots of attacks, great weapons or poisoned attacks. Even gutstars are no good if they have a movement of 1. Mumbo Jambo 25 October at Champions of Chaos Chaos Special Characters.

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