Design of Baugh-wooley Multiplier using Verilog HDL. Shruti D. Kale, Prof. Gauri N. Zade. India. Abstract: Multiplication represents one of the major holdups in. Adders and Multipliers. Baugh-Wooley Multiplier Design • To illustrate the mathematical transformation which is required, consider 4-bit signed operands X and. This project presents an efficient implementation of a high speed multiplier using the shift and adds method of. Baugh-Wooley Multiplier.

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This section deals with the preliminary reversible gates available in the literature. Verilog width Fast Fourier transform Speech processing. Besides, synthesizing reversible logic circuits is much difficult than conventional irreversible logic circuits due to the constraints. Then the four operand addition has been wwooley using Peres gates and Double Peres gates. In the reversible logic circuit design, fan-out and feedback are not permitted [4].

A Fixed-Width Modified Baugh-Wooley Multiplier Using Verilog – Semantic Scholar

Out of this, three outputs are maintained as garbage outputs. This can be understood easily with the help of the comparison results kultiplier in Table 1. The number of two-Qubit gates is In this work also, like the previous works, the partial products have been generated using Peres gate. The grey cells represent the multiplier cell. These reversible multiplier cells are targeted for reversible Baugh-Wooley multiplier design.

From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. International Journal on Engineering Science and Technology, 2, However this work is compared and evaluated with the other array multiplier designs available in the literature. In this bauhg we are proposing two reversible multiplier cells representing black and grey cells.


The functions S and T will produce sum and carry outputs respectively. The results and discussions of the proposed reversible Baugh-Wooley multiplier are presented in section 5. References Publications referenced by this paper. The functions S and T will produce bwugh and carry outputs respectively of the complement function of the Baugh- Wooley structure. The proposed reversible Baugh-Wooley multiplier circuit is more efficient compared to the existing circuits presented by [5] [7] – [9].

The input A is the multiplier bit. Section multipliier is an overview of basic reversible gates.

World Applied Sciences Journal, 10, One of aooley efficient algorithms to handle such situation is the Baugh-Wooley multiplication. Out of the five outputs, two outputs Q and R are left unspecified, since these are the garbage outputs. Since each cell is having four inputs and two outputs, the reversible multiplier cell, in order to maintain the reversible constraints it is developed as a cell having five inputs and five outputs. Received 18 April ; accepted 15 May ; published 15 June Hence the proposed Baugh- Wooley Multiplier design is better than multiplieer designs.

Each of the multiplier cell receives four inputs namely, the multiplier input horizontal-green linemultiplicand input vertical-red linecarry from previous cells vertical-black line and sum from previous cells diagonal-black line. This gate is also known as Controlled-Not gate. The input D myltiplier the sum input from the previous cells.

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Computer arithmetic – algorithms and hardware designs Behrooz Parhami Information Technology Journal, 8, The number of gates, constant inputs and garbage outputs. This constraint forces the number baygh inputs to be equal to the number of outputs [3] [4]. Synthesis of reversible multiplier cell.

Therefore, the hardware intricacy of the proposed design is less compared to the existing approaches.

Truncated multiplication with approximate rounding E. This paper provides the design of compact Baugh-Wooley multiplier using reversible logic.

A Fixed-Width Modified Baugh-Wooley Multiplier Using Verilog

This scenario motivates the study of reversible computing field. Tab stop Adder electronics Field-programmable gate array Multiplication.

In [6]the authors have proposed a new reversible gate called as HNG gate. Therefore, it mulhiplier clear that this is the better design than the existing counterparts. A circuit will be known as reversible if it can bring back the inputs from the outputs.

The yellow cells represent the full adder. Even the proposed design is having moderate garbage outputs; we can conclude that this design is better in terms of number of gates and constant inputs.