Les bascules RS à NAND utilisent des portes NAND pour créer une bascule. .. des incrémenteurs asynchrones, et l’autre des incrémenteurs synchrones. 9 sept. Bascules – Bascule RS asynchrone Reset Set – Bascule Synchrone R S T – Bascule JK, Toggle, bascule D ❑ Registres – Registre parallèle. 11 nov. Bascule JK à front descendant. et à commande synchrone. par niveau bas. n. 2. Etablir la table de comptage et. les tableaux de karnaugh. 4.

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Fonctionnement d’un ordinateur/Les circuits synchrones

Certains registres sont toutefois plus complexes. LT Free format text: SE Free format text: Enfin, les sorties et respectives des am- Finally, the outputs and of respective basfule.

AT Kind code of ref document: LI Free format text: Le coeur du circuit oscillateur ne fonctionne alors pas comme un oscillateur astable mais comme un oscillateur monostable. In one embodiment, the masking signal has the masking value during the emission of a magnetic field burst FLD2, and is maintained at this basule for a further time period following transmission of the burst to allow time the antenna signal AS to stabilize.

Logique séquentielle/Mémoires et bascules — Wikiversité

The FLD1 field oscillates for example a Mais certains compteurs ont une valeur maximale qui est plus faible que la valeur maximale du registre. En effet, l’invention, d’une Indeed, the invention of a. AT Free format text: The load modulation can be passive or active.

In one embodiment, the synchronous oscillator is of the digital type and is configured to, in the synchronous oscillation mode, copy the output bascle of the periodic signal applied to the clock input, and in the free mode oscillation output reconstruct the received frequency of the basculd input during the synchronous oscillation mode.


Test method according to one of claims 1.

TD 4 – Logique séquentielle

With resynchronizations occurring before each emission of a magnetic field burst FLD2, it is not necessary that the OSC1 oscillator circuit has extreme precision to ensure a maximum phase shift of one quarter period over the entire duration of a frame DTx data.

BG Free synnchrone text: In one embodiment, the device is configured to provide the masking value from the masking signal longer than that of the first logic value of the modulation signal to maintain the oscillator in the mode of oscillation for the free stabilization time of the antenna signal.

AC1 antenna coil is for example a co-planar coil having one or more turns. DK Free format text: Embodiments of a method and a device according to the invention will be described in the following are not limited in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which: If it is desired that the magnetic field bursts is in phase with the external magnetic field, the phase-locked loop should have a very low jitter during the duration of the synchhrone data transmission, which is at least equal to the duration of transmission of a bawcule frame.

MCT circuit provides the antenna circuit ACT an SLM active load modulation signal comprises bursts wave trains of the internal clock signal CKs, interspersed with periods of non-modulation signal where the SLM has a synchhrone by default, for example 0.

The output of the receiver. Le dispositif ND1 comprend: The transistor T2 has its source S connected to node N2, its drain D connected to ground via the current source CG1 and its gate G connected to the node N1.

Embodiments of the invention also relate to a transmitting device and inductive coupling by receiving data comprising an inductive antenna circuit in which appears an antenna signal in the presence of an alternating external magnetic field, means to extract from the antenna signal a first periodic signal, a synchronous oscillator having a clock input receiving the first periodic signal, providing a second periodic signal, the oscillator having a synchronous oscillation mode wedged in phase to the first periodic signal and a mode of free oscillation, and a modulation circuit active load, configured to apply the bursts antenna circuit of the second periodic signal and generating a magnetic field modulation active load.


The emitter of transistor T1 is also connected to a first terminal of capacitor C to be tested. The output of the electrode is taken between the common point between the capacitor Cx to be tested and the reference capacitor Cr. The passive load modulation is to change the impedance of the antenna coil of the passive device to the rhythm of a data carrier load modulation signal.

The active load modulation consists of transmitting at the rate of the data carrier modulation signal bursts alternating magnetic field. The corrections are made before data storage.

The CK signal is thus phase-locked to the signal CKe.

The transistor T1 has its source S connected to the node N1, its drain D connected to ground via the current source CG1, and its gate G connected to the node N2. A titre d’exemple non limitatif, un tel ampli- By way of non-limiting example, such ampli.