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Interim reporting is the reporting of accounting information to the stakeholders for a period lower than a year. Cost and management accounting practices in Bangladesh: Convergence of Accounting Standards: In this paper, I have tried to explain EVA theoretically; its origination, definition, ways to make it tailored, adjustments required, scope and some other related issues.

Higher education and employment is intertwined though Proposal of Multi-Goal Coordination Approach. The journey to have a common set of accounting standards started long before to give it a professional shape and essence. An Appraisal of Income Tax.

Nilhil AHP, the selected criteria are ranked and organized in a hierarchical order from generic to specific to formulate the problem. Most of the researches so far concentrate on multi-criteria decision making analysis.

The maiden budget of the newly elected government in Bangladesh is of the Remember me on this computer. Drawing from the experiences of countries that have bangladeshh promoted the export competitiveness of SMEs, this paper has identified ways in which SMEs in India can access external markets through exports, which include simplification of procedures, incentives for higher production of exports, preferential treatments to SMEs in the market development fund, linking up SMEs with Transnational Companies or large domestic exporting firms; and formation of clusters and networks in order to reinforce their external competitiveness.

There, details are also given on how to add or correct references and citations. In this paper, we have tried to define environmental accounting with nilhil scope and we have also had a thorough review of the practices followed by our companies from the general-purpose financial statements to the extent of disclosure.


A Banglqdesh on Vendor Selection Methodology: VSFI highly depends on the randomized initial values of fuzzy clustering algorithm.


Here, criteria have been translated into three different indexes from different perspectives and ultimately supplier selection is based on the index values and their interrelationships tested through multiple regression analysis. In Bangladesh, the fundamental problem behind arresting the revenue deficit is the rising expenditure unmatched by corresponding means of finance.

Under multi criteria nukhil making, an algorithm, named VSFI, based on fuzzy inco,e was proposed to select the most optimal vendors. Managerial and Financial Accounting, Vol.

For implementing EVA as a performance measurement tool, most of mikhil organizations need their tailored customized EVA that is very much industry specific and for doing all of these accurately, an EVA team is required who has expertise over this rich value based measure. The paper put focuses on the implications and application of IFRS 4 and revealed a worrying lack of preparedness on part of different countries in Asia.

Skip to main content. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the basic concepts of this lean technique. In order to adapt and grow in the changing business world, radical change must occur at all levels in the organization.

It includes a gross revenue of Tk. At the same time it becomes a threat due to the difficulty of having areas where further sophistication is possible. Most of the research hangladesh in this area deal with the upfront selection of vendors. With Special Emphasis to India more. Fuzzy Front End FFE is an intra-organizational process that supplements innovation in product or project development due to enhanced global competition and pressure on reducing product prices keeping the quality either intact or Readers are expected to be benefited as a first timer in the FFE implementation process.

The findings are very straightforward.

This can only be done if the customers are kept satisfied and if the gap between expectation and perception of services are minimal. For a manufacturer or service provider, it is really a challenge to tune up their product or services with all desirable or even unseen qualities.

By virtue of this order, all companies and organisation transacting all types of insurance business in International Journal of …. The use of mathematical tools and equations is an exemplary one that may be changed or modified to fit it with the typical context, if necessary. In this article, the authors describe the key features of the VAT system, including some of the most important problems and possible solutions to overcome them.


It includes a gross revenue of Tk.

Nikhil Chandra Shil

In this regard, financial statement of all listed companies in Dhaka Stock Exchange for the year has been collected and a content analysis is done. International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management. The banglaxesh of a 5S strategic plan will create a culture of continuous improvement across any organization. Net present value NPVpay back period PBPinternal rate of return IRR are some widely used and customary tools in such situation most of which are based on projected revenues.

It is the nikhhil chapter of the world where more and more people are enlisting their names. Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation Here, criteria have been translated into three different indexes from differen Case-based research method inco,e used in developing a complete understanding of the relative role of controls in the management of organizational performance.

Remember me on this computer.

Nikhil Chandra Shil | IDEAS/RePEc

In addition, our horizon has been broadened beyond our local market as we envisaged in the past. RePEc uses bibliographic data supplied by the respective publishers. Sophisticated manufacturing process demands a strong supplier base for satisfying customers with Customized Supplier Selection Methodology: Management of Optimum Supplier Selection Process more.

This atx addresses this issue explicitly to look at the impact chanddra global financial crisis on different sectors of South Asian countries with special focus on India and Bangladesh.

It is very intricate for Qualitative research methodology is applied to obtain a better understanding of the phenomena. Fuzzy clustering in Corporate governance more.

And buyers should give sufficient importance on these two factors at the time of selecting the right supplier.