The latest Tweets from Baki Gazel (@gzlgzlgzlgzl1). BAKİ İLETİŞİM ELEKTRONİK. Baki als Ghazeldichter, Sbirka Pojednani a Rozprav IX (Prague, Nakladem . The following analysis of one gazel from the divdn of Baki, perhaps the best-. People have often doubted the sincerity of Baki’s sentiments and he was caught out Some were authors of gazel and kaside, others of rubai, but all of them.

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O Thou God of Awful Might!


At whatsoever feast I drain the cup thy rubies’ mem’ry to, Amidst all those who grace that feast, except the dregs, I’ve no friend near. Goes now the Khusrev of the skies behind the cloudy veil, Gaaelleri shame, remembering thy love and kindness, one would say. The speeding Horseman of the plain of Time and Space was he; Fortune and Fame aye as his friends and bridle-guides did go.

Who, seeing thy cheek’s glow, recalls the ruby is deceived; He who hath drunken deep of wine inebriate doth grow. The radiance of thy cheek’s sun on the heart Like moonlight on the water’s face doth beam. The notes of mourning and of dole aloud let us rehearse; And let all those who grieve be moved by this our seven-fold verse. Athlete of the Universe through self-reliance grows the Heart, With the ball, the SphereTime, Fortunelike an apple doth it play.

Onward, beneath some cypress-tree’s loved foot its face to rub, With turn and turn, and singing sweet, the brook goes through the plain. Upon my gloomy fortune I no faith lay, Impossible my hope appeareth alway. Cupbearer, bring, bring here again my yester even’s wine; My harp and rebec bring, them bid address this heart of mine: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

As sweeps a scimitar, across earth’s face on every side, Of iron-girded heroes of the world thou threw’st a chain. As blaze up with gay fowerlets all the red plains, The wind each passes, and the vineyard next gains.

The Loves of Shirin. Yield not the soul to pang of Love, for Love’s the soul’s fierce glow; That Love’s the torment of the soul doth all the wide world know. The loved one’s stature tall, her form as fair as juniper, Bright ‘midst the rosy bowers of grace a slender tree doth shine. The Sun hath risen, and the Dawning gray hath touched its bourne; The lovely face of yon Khusrev, whose soul is light, behold!


Those who it view, and ponder well with thought’s eye, It’s strange, if they be rmazed and wildered thereby? Let the whole world attire itself in robes of princely woe!

What wonder if our eyes no more life and the world behold! Such a tree the Tuba, that the Gracious One hath in its sap Hidden whatsoe’er there be of gifts and presents good and fair; Forth therefrom crowns, thrones, and jewels, yea, and steeds and coursers come, Golden leaves and clearest crystals, wines most pure beyond compare.

Farisi, what can I do but love that peerless beauty? Then yearn not, Baqi, for the load of love’s misfortune dire; For that to bear mayhap thy soul no power doth enshrine. In understanding’s eye how long shall heedless slumber bide?

The Tiger of the mount of war to rest in sleep hath gone; The Lion who doth now keep watch on glory’s height, behold! Blessings gazelleir on the Monarch’s soul and spiritand farewell! The Lofty Decree for his high exaltation Did Equity’s Court, all unlooked for, ordain; Forthwith to the Regions of Eden they bore him, They raised him from earth’s abject baseness and stain.

That down to Adam bowed the angel throng doth the Qur’an declare! If yonder mouth be not the soul, O heart-enslaver gay, Then wherefore is it like the soul, hid from our eyes away?

May glee and mirth, e’en as desired, continuous abide Like to a mighty Key-Khusrev’s, gaze,leri Jemshid’s, glorious reign! What lofty, honored Sovereigns of might these? Within thy soul place not, like tulip, dark brand; When opportunity doth come, then firm stand. Hither come, O seeker after Truth! English Choose a language for bzki. While the tongue yet floweth, now thy words collect; Them as Meaning’s taper ‘midst the feast erect, That thy words, remaining long time after thee, To gaki listeners’ hearing shall thy record be.


Since these, while on the earth, all woe resigned met, And patience aye before them in each grief set, When forth they fled from this false, faithless world’s bound, From all those pangs and sorrows they release found!

With counsel many have tried me to guide right; Many with wisdom gifted have advice shown, But yet this fiend hath bali by no one o’erthrown; Much gold has on the earth been strewn round, But yet this Stone of Alchemist by none’s found. When thou verses sing’st, thy spirit bkai the ocean swells, they say.

Thy veil raise, shake from cheeks those locks of thine then; Unclouded beauty’s sun and moon bid shine then. Midst a fearful whirlpool we are fallen helpless, send us aid!

Gazel by Merve ozdemir on Prezi

Fleeting like the realm of dreams is earth’s display. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. From its source, through every country, searched have I, but all in vain Ne’er a single drop, in mercy’s fountain blest, remaineth now.

One night when all the battlements Heaven’s castle doth display, Illumed and decked were, with the shining lamps, the stars’ array, Amidst the host of gleaming stars the Moon lit up his torch; Athwart the field of Heaven with radiance beamed the Milky Way. In its courtyard’s riven center, planted he the Tuba-Tree; That a tree which hangeth downward, high aloft its roots are there: I send theeoff to yonder maid of grace; Around thee I my eyelashes will make the fringe of lace; I will the black point of my eye rub up to paint therewith; To yon coquettish beauty gogo look thou in her face.

There’s on earth no city, neither any land, That is not, O Monarch, under thy command.