In this truly global study, major military historian Azar Gat sets out to unravel the ” riddle of war” throughout human history, from the early hunter-gatherers right. In this sweeping study of war and civilization, Azar Gat sets out to find definitive answers to these questions in an attempt to unravel the riddle of war throughout. Azar Gat is a good example. In his pathbreaking War in Human Civilization ( Oxford UP, ), he explains in politically palatable and.

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Azar Gat War in Human Civilization is an excellent deep history of war that extends far back before civilization began and right up to the date of publication. Azar does a masterful job of describing and explaining how, even while our nature has remained the same, the way we fight has changed. See especially his seminal book War in Human Civilization. Azar Gat born in HaifaIsrael is a researcher and author on military historymilitary strategy and war and peace in general.

Neilberg, Journal of Social History. Achieving wealth or power are means to those ends. And what of war today–is it a declining phenomenon or simply changing its shape? However, the dawn of the Industrial Age has wrought amazing change A massive tome that cuts through all of human history, “combining biology, anthropology, archaeology, history, sociology, and political science – and ranging from the origins of our species to the current threat of terrorism.

Tribal Warfare in Agraria and Pastoralia Increasing globalization of the economy and economic interdependence have made the benefits of peace outweigh the potential rewards of warfare and have, especially within liberal democracies of the west, exercised a depressing effect on the occurrence and duration of wars. In our societies of plenty, it might be difficult to comprehend how precarious people’s subsistence in pre-modern societies was and still is.

Machine Age War In the process, the book generates an astonishing wealth of original and fascinating insights on all major aspects of humankind’s remarkable In this truly global study, major military historian Azar Gat sets out to unravel the “riddle of war” throughout human history, from the early hunter-gatherers right through to the unconventional terrorism of the twenty-first century.


Along with Steven Pinker and others, Gat argues that war is in decline in today’s world. The author collects and present a large body of evidence saying that war exists because it is adaptive, and has been so over a long period of time and in many regions of the world.

I am pretty sure will read this more than once and used it as a reference to understand the war in human culture. Lieber, Georgetown University “Gat’s book is a rich undertaking definitely well worth reading and pondering.

No amount is too small: The sheer bulk of the data points to the historic nece very dense, very well researched study of the history of human militarism. The most important of these is the debate between social constructionist and biological frameworks.

The second step came with modernization and the industrial revolution, which led to economic growth and interdependence and a corresponding increase in affluence and standard of living. Unbound and Bound Prometheus: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Feb 26, Deepay rated it really liked it. The spectre of hunger and starvation always loomed over their heads. Ricardo Lopes rated it it was amazing Aug 21, Similar idea to Guns, Germs and Steel, conceptually at least.

War in Human Civilization by Azar Gat

First, what are the essential reasons why humans fight wars? Affecting both mortality and reproduction the latter through human sexual appetite and women’s fertilityit constantly, in varying degrees, trimmed down their numbers, acting in combination with disease. Thompson, The International History Review “The scope and sweep of Gat’s work is certainly unmatched in modern world history writings Mar 23, Marcus rated it it was amazing. The Age of Titans William M.



Although the book is a challenging read given its length and dense writing, Gat offers much illumination on these and other questions. Warfare in the First Two Million Years: This page was last edited on 28 Juneat This is essentially a book civilizatlon human history that uses an evolutionary framework to explain the origins of violent competition i.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Food and Sex 5. Neilberg, Journal of Social History “A work of extraordinary scope and formidable erudition Thanks for telling us about the problem. From the Enlightenment to the Cold War. However, the dawn hyman the Industrial Age has wrought amazing changes on our “cultural evolution” and the future remains murky regarding the dangers and possibilities moving forward.

The NBN is a non-profit enterprise dedicated to promoting public education. How Was It Done?

Aug 29, Anjar Priandoyo rated it really liked it Shelves: However, I doubt seriously that many other readers will take the time and energy to make it past the first Civilizafion is a massive and fatiguing book to read. Author explicates well the key roles of pastoralism and sedentarist agriculture in formalizing the rudiments of war-making The role of military action in state formation, and the state is a machine for war, is powerfully laid out.

Jennifer Bradshaw rated it it was amazing Nov 09, So please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the NBN. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Obviously Gat’s ideas are very different, but the analysis is similar.

Want to Read saving…. I have been working my way through this for the last several weeks.

War in Human Civilization

An enlightening examination of war. D in history and he now teaches political science at Vat Aviv University. Probably the best single-volume work you will find on the subject.