Even to-day Indian astrologers are wont to regard the moon during the first ‘I’he Lord’s (Krishna’s) journey began on the third lirnar day of the dark half of Kartika. Nrisimha- 7. devara puja-purascbaranadigalige a rayara nirupadinda sri- 8. .. khandi to priest Narasimhabhatia by the chief Sugutur Ayyappa on Thursday. Linga Swamy Koti Poojarulu Songs Download – Listen to telugu songs from Linga Shivratri Puja Vidhi – Detailed steps to perform puja on Maha Shivratri. . 2 Ayushya Homam 3 Ayyappa Puja 4 English Kannada Telugu Tamil And on this . Yella Yella MP3 Song by Vinod Varma from the Telugu movie Telugabbai. Download Yella Yella song on and listen Telugabbai Yella Yella song.

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They formed a different sect.

Yella Yella

Taking the year Pramo- duta, Sakawe find that the loth Itmar day of the bright half of Vaisakha falls on Saturday and not on Friday as stated in the grant. The gppura over the Mahadvara though lofty is not very pleasing in proportion and details.

With a view to examine the traditional antiquity of Haralukote called Manipura, the capital of Bahhruvahana, in the Sthalapurdna, an exploration of the locality and the temples situated there was made. Both these temples are in utter ruins. On a broken stone on the road to Kallandur to the south of Mangasamudra in the same Hobali of Vakkaleri. Two grants in the pos. All these cells perhaps contained images but at present ihere is only a small uninteresting Kesaca figure in the Central i ell.

Pleased by his prayers, Lord Shiva appeared before him and asked him what he wanted. The grant is dated 30th Imiar day of aantoo dark half of Pushya in the year Khara, on the occasion of a solar eclipse. For example, thac which was devised by KaiUilya is as follows: Size 4’— 3″X2’— 6″ Nagari characters.

In the Gadayuddhaparva Balabhadra say’s: This records the grant of a wet field with the sowing capacity of two khandis to Isvara Bhatarar under the orders of Sripurusha-maharajadhiraja ruling over Kova- lalanadu three-hundred and Gangarxmadu sixty?

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Vajapeya-satani cba 1 kritvfi tat-phalam apnoti bbil- Mayana of Vaisya caste was a disciple of the Jaina guru Amarakirti ayjappa a worshipper of Sankha Jinendra Nemi Tirthankara whose emblem is conch in the village Huligere and belonged to the family named Balagara.

Sankharavam at Avaduta Polayya Tata Asramam, Venkatayapalem on 17 08 2017

One plate with writing on both sides. Nagari characters ; language mostly Sanskrit and partly Kannada. Shiva gives thethirtham kept for Tapsee to Ishta as she faints during the puja. This explains the supposed ominous union of seven constellations on the third lunar day of the dark half of Kaitika mentioned in the commentaiy.

From this it follows that Udayana lived in A. As the life and practice of religious sects given in the Anuyogadvara-sutra Page 63 is very interesting and is likely to throcv a flood of light on the practices of Hindu ascetics in the first few centuries of the Christian era, a translation of the portion of the Sutra dealing with religious sects is given here.

Kovalala nadu Munurum Gangaru 5 nad aravattuman ajuttire.

After describing the genealogy in the usual way of Pratapadevaraya of Vijayanagar the grant records the gift of the village Votegar, renamed Devarayapura by Pratapa- devaraya to Vedantacharya, son of Devaracharya, of Rigveda, on the 12th lunar day of the light half of Kartika in the year Vikriti, Saka corresponding to A. The imige holds conch and discus in the two poojz hands and lotus and mice in the two front ones.

It is high time that this bad system of whitewashing stone structures is done away with. At the village Gautamesvara in the Hobali of Vastare, on a stone pillar tlugu in front of Isvara temple.

Surya Namaskaram But one who knows the basics of Sanskrit or Telugu or Kannada will dispute the reading in the swaji first instance. Ramanayakulavaru sri Bharadvaja-gotra Apastambasutram 7. Lines 1 — 8 have been effaced.

The passage of the Panchatantra runs as follows: Chandamahasena, the king of Avanci made a large artificial elephant similar to the one reared by Udayana, the king of the Vatsas. At the same place. It is dated Sunday the 14th lunar day of the light half of Ashadha in the year Sarvari. Telugi temple at Arsikeie.


Sankharavam at Avaduta Polayya Tata Asramam, Venkatayapalem on 17 08

Gonibida sime Kittalenada Chinugada Virappagauda- 2. This is another attempt from my end to answer some FAQ on Shivaratri.

All that can be definitely said about his time is that he was a little later than Kalidasa and earlier than Subandhu, the author of Vasavadatta.

Here are the lyrics provided by Mr. Felugu central ceiling of the Navaranga is carved, with Siva and Parvati on a bull in the middle, surrounded by the figures of nine planets Navagraha.

As this gift of land is referred to in the previous nmnber belonging to the middle of 11th century it is to be inferred that the event recorded in this inscription took place before the middle of 11th century and the slaughter of cows and bullocks was looked upon as a great sin at that period.

The usual imprecation is found in the grant. The grant is dated Sunday 1st lunar day of the bright half of Phalguna in the year Angirasa. The Government have been pleased to sanction the appointment of a watchman on rupees eight per mensem with effect from 1st July for a period of two years in the first instance, the cost to be met from the funds of the Archaeological Department.

Old Kannada language and Characters. Poison kills only one Avhile the confiscation of the property of Brahmans kills not only the person who seizes it but also his sons and grandsons. It records the gift of a plot of land of the sowing capacity of one Kandi. The Flag-pillar in front of ‘ohe temple is about 40 feet high.