There are a couple of common issues with the BB7 that crop up in many of the forums, many of them due to not taking care with the setup of them. One of the. Avid’s BB7 cable disc brake is an economical stopper that is a great low in your BB7, as well as a great setup video showing you the process. For these Avid BB7s, both of the red knobs are turned counter-clockwise until To install the new pads (or the old ones), simply reverse the removal process. Some brakes allow you to install the pads individually but the BB7.

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But only if you use the Avid Speed Dial levers. On my Salsa Vaya the black calipers have an opening on that side, and they have a spring steel cap that clips into the opening.

If there is play then you will need to pull the cable through a bit more and re-tighten it. Here is what it looks like from the “top” looking toward the axle: At the very least you absolutely MUST use compressionless cable housing, and make sure that you run it full length to the brakes themselves. Now turn the outer adjuster in until the caliper is locked against the brake disc. No matter what you use, be gentle. It can often be hard to track down the exact cause.

How to replace Avid BB7 brake pads in “new” calipers? – Bicycles Stack Exchange

Turn this fully counter clockwise and you will have a finely modulated mechanical disc brake that matches many good hydros. Volga89 1 5. Svard75 Dec 28, at 6: This ibstallation allow the caliper to rotate freely side to side.

The force required was more than my fingers could muster, and more than was implied by the instructions I found on an Avid site and elsewhere. As well as this, please make sure that you use a good pair of cable cutters such as the ones from Park Tool.

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How to: Set Up & Adjust Mechanical Disc Brakes

The way I applied the necessary force was by setting a drive pin instaallation the edges of both partially installed pads at their bottom next to the bottom “ears” and giving the drive a light tap with a plastic or rubber mallet. Still, there are lots of reasons to go with the BB7s. This arm contains the cable clamping and rotates when the brake lever is depressed. Your final adjustment should yield a solid feeling brake in which the brake pads squarely contact the rotor at the center of the brake caliper.

DirtyDee Dec 28, at 3: Enjoying our comprehensive instlalation of every title race? Running standard index housing could leave you without brakes when you need them the most. The pads moved ever so slightly as the ears pushed past the re-entrant portion of the steel cap. Compressionless brake housing differs from index housing in that it’s reinforced. One of the most common complaints is of a spongy feel. Now look through the installatuon. They come highly recommended!

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There are a couple of common issues with the BB7 that crop up in many avd the forums, many of them due to not taking care with the setup of them.

Interruptions to the cable routing cause friction where the cable enters a new section of housing, as well as risking dirt and moisture getting into the routing. Mobile Version of Website. Because the pad dissolves away, you will need to replace your brake pads every so often. The one exception to this is if you use Avids Full Metal Jacket cabling system. Avidd a Comment Login or Sign Up. A hydraulic brake replaces a cable with hydraulic lines, and adds a master cylinder at the lever.

Only the top-end hydraulics on the market have this level of adjustment! I have these on insgallation SC Bullit and they work fine. My steps for adjusting the BB7s are a lot easier: With the cable clamped you can then use the outboard pad adjuster to move the pad as close to the rotor as possible without it rubbing.


For this installxtion change, you may need: All brake adjustment can be accomplished with the cable disconnected. Now turn the inner pad adjuster all the way in as far as it will go though intallation force it. Thank you so much! If you doubt your skills, take the bike to your local shop and have them do the work for you. This is another installtaion the common topics brought up on cycle forums. Technical Tuesday 1 – How to change a tube.

Mechanical Mondays: Setting Up Your Mechanical Disc Brakes Correctly

Windows XP is certainly the most typical functional method put in place at present on the computers around the globe. Are you joking and I just don’t get it or is it just installatiln in Croatia? You shouldn’t need to use the tension adjustment on the lever itself.

I would also recommend the Avid Flakjacket set. If you don’t fit the cables cleanly they let mud and water in and then they’re useless. Braking puts considerably more strain on the cable and housing than shifting.

In fact because friction is reduced to a minimum with this system the Avid BB7’s not only have the power of hydros, but they also feel like them as well! Post as a guest Name. You get two adjustment wheels at the rotor so you’re never pulling the lever all the way to the bar and with speed-dial levers you can adjust the feel at jnstallation lever. The pads need some “persuasion” to get past the spring clip.