Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM E at Engineering ASTM E() [ Withdrawn ]. Standard Test Method for Gross Calorific Value of Refuse-Derived Fuel by the Bomb Calorimeter. Designation: E – 87 (Reapproved ) Standard Test Method for. Gross Calorific Value of Refuse-Derived Fuel by the Bomb Calorimeter1 This standard.

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If the bomb is lined with platinum or gold, all openings shall be sealed to prevent combustion products from reaching the base metal. The jacket may be arranged so as to remain at constant temperature or with provisions for rapidly adjusting the jacket temperature to astk that of the calorimeter for adiabatic operation.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The apparatus should be shielded from direct sunlight and radiation from other sources. This shall have a lens and holder designed so as to introduce no significant errors due to parallax.

ISO — International Standards. Threads e711 the main closure should be checked frequently for wear. Determine the sulfur content of the sample by any of the procedures described in Test Methods E Oxygen manufactured from liquid air, guaranteed to be greater than Before adding this water, rinse the bomb, and drain the excess water, and leave undried.

Wastes used as fuel in as-discarded form with only bulky wastes removed. RDF products are frequently non-homogeneous.


ASTM E – 87 Gross Calorific Calorimeter – PDF Free Download

Take calorimeter readings at 1-min intervals until the same temperature is observed in three successive readings. The amount of water g is usual can be most satisfactorily determined by weighing the calorimeter vessel e7111 water together on a balance.

Isothermal Jacket Method 1.

The bomb shall be capable of withstanding a hydrostatic pressure test of 21 MPa psig at room temperature without stressing any part beyond its elastic limit. For spe cautionary and precautionary statements see 6.

ASTM E (Re-approved ) – International Standards

Its size shall be such that the bomb will be completely immersed in water when the calorimeter is assembled. For this purpose, any individual run may be discarded only if there is evidence indicating incomplete combustion.

Time is expressed in minutes. The maximum difference between any two test points shall not be more than 0. Purity of Water – Unless otherwise indicated, references to water shall be understood to mean reagent water. This procedure is acceptable, provided it is used in all tests, including standardization.

The bomb shall be designed so that all liquid combustion products can be completely recovered by washing the inner surfaces. Continuous stirring for 10 min shall not raise the calorimeter temperature more than 0. The pressure xstm shall be checked periodically for accuracy.

The indicator selected shall be used consistently in both calibrations and calorific determinations. The maximum difference in correction between any two test points shall not be more than 0. Oxygen made by the electrolytic process may contain a small amount of hydrogen rendering it unfit without purification. The switch should be depressed only long e171 to fire the bomb.


This is the number that is multiplied by the corrected temperature rise in degrees and divided by the sample weight in grams to give the gross calorific value after thermochemical corrections have been applied. SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies.

Firing wire shall be mm of No.

asm Temperature changes may also be recorded in electromotive force, ohms, or other units when other types of temperature sensors are used. Combustible waste fraction densified compressed into the form of pellets, sligs, cubettes, or briquettes. Record the initial temperature and fire the charge.

ASTM E711 – 87 Gross Calorific Calorimeter

The sampling method for this procedure should be based on agreement between the involved parties. For this concentration the energy of the reaction. Thermometers – Temperatures in the calorimeter and jacket shall be measured with the following thermometer or combinations thereof: Oxygen – free of combustible matter.

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