ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN DENGAN MASALAH HAMBATAN MOBILITAS FISIK DENGAN DIAGNOSA STROKE NON-HEMORAGIK DIRUANG. Asuhan Keperawatan Pada Tn. M Dengan Gangguan Sistem Persarafan: Stroke Non Hemoragik Di Ruang Anggrek Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Pandan Arang. Looking for Documents about ASKEP SNH (Stroke Non Hemoragic)? ASKEP SNH Stroke Non Hemoragic ASKEP SNH Stroke Non.

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One of them was just able to nod and shake her head.

Pratiwi, Intan andAbi Muhlisin S. The cause of stroke is the rupture rupture of blood vessels in the brain and or occur thrombosis and embolism. SS immediately taken to hospital Moewardi Surakara and advised to hospitalization.

ASKEP SNH (Stroke Non Hemoragic) Documents –

Diploma thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta. The method used is to make the process of nursing care in patients with non-hemorrhagic stroke. Stroke is an abnormality of the brain function arising suddenly and may happen to anyone. To know the description of nursing care in patients with non-hemorrhagic stroke that include assessment, intervention, implementation and evaluation of nursing. In acquiring ztroke data the authors use a number of ways ncluding aske; following: Stroke is a serious problem in the world because it can cause physical kecatatan long-term and sudden death.


The nursing care plan to improve their verbal communicatoin was done by applying speech therapy. Rbut the second patient Mrs.

Upaya Peningkatan Mobilitas Fisik Pada Keluarga Dengan Stroke Non Hemoragik – UMS ETD-db

As a result, the brain ceases to function and decline in brain function. Besides, it was hard for them to express words.

SS could not walk, so Ny. S got an increase in verbal communication.

The evaluation showed that there was no verbal communication improvement of the first patient Mrs. The prevalence of stroke in Indonesia also continues to increase, the risk factors that can lead to stroke consists of two kinds, namely the risk factors that can not beodified such as age, sex, race, and family hemoraglk and risk factors that can be modified such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseasesdiabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, sickle cell anemia, poor diet, obesity, smoking and sedentarylifestyles.

After conducting nursing care, the writer found out that the patients were oblique, hard talking, unclear speaking, unable to orient three things place, time and person.

More information and software credits.

The emerging nursing problem was verbal communication barriers. SS’m praying tahajud half body suddenly felt weak and difficult to be moved.



After nursing for 8 x visit physical mobility interference problem is resolved in part. S said that from a stroke due to Ny. The applying speech theraphy for improving verbal communication done by practising intensively can improve neuralplasticity, reorganixation of the crotical map, and motor function.

Explaining the nursing care for patients with verbal communication barries of non-hemorrhage stroke nerve system. This scientific paper stacking writer uses descriptive method with case study that pedekatan scientific method with the approach of the nursing process that is collecting data, analyzing the data and draw conclusions data.

Writing scientific papers, takes the dilingkup Sukoharjo Village Puskesmas Gatak on 11 February February The plan had been implemented during the management.

Upaya Peningkatan Mobilitas Fisik Pada Keluarga Dengan Stroke Non Hemoragik

At that moment Mrs. Non-hemorrhage stroke, verbal communication, speech therapy ;stroke non hemoragik, hambatan komunikasi verbal, terapi wicara. More information and software credits.

There getting treatment for 7 days, then Ny. hemoraglk

This can cause disability, such as paralysis limb, speech disorder, thinking process caused by impaired brain function.