Asaro Head | Planes of the Head Asaro Head | Flickr – Photo Sharing! John Asaro’s Planes of the Head high-res photos – Polycount Forum Face Reference. Documents Similar To Planes of the Head – John Asaro. Master Studies Workbook. Uploaded by. Vinicius Rossi. Reilly Method. Uploaded by. Jose Benito. Sculpting the plane head brings the plane analysis into the realm of reality. This one is by painter and teacher John Asaro, who has a website.

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Feeling the Form – Loomis and the Planes of the Head

I still think it fudges a very interesting and perhaps important distinction in between two very different ways of working. I can imagine that that might result in drawing the same head, or a close variant of it, every time.

And Germans got it from Masters of Italian Renaissance. Admitting that limitation, the books are extraordinary for their thorough technical knowledge. As an illustrator, Loomis would have found a planar system useful to figure out how light would have lit a head so plahes he could figure out relative values in the planes as they relate to the light source.

John Asaro Vintage Ceramic “Planes of the Head”.

These days, I see on the one hand art that is made as kind of social questioning, more philosophy than anything else, artists acting or at least purporting to act te the social conscience of our times. Yup, that is the tough part for me. Looking Out, Looking In It takes some practice a lot, in fact to get used to, but it fits like the pieces of a beautiful dream to me, at least.


Log in Already have an account? Did this practice help you commit that knowledge to memory James? Firstly, I made a few small maquettes with Plasticine, a few inches high. How I do it at Valve Software Well, I did figure out a way to finally resolve the Loomis planes. If you can, it’s best to ask art questions in the blog comments. What this head represents to me is a kind of half way house between an imagined head and working from observation.

April 12th, But without a clear understanding of the structure, that would be hard if not impossible. Fred Fixler, a student of famed Art Students League instructor Frank Reilly, came up with a slightly different plane breakdown for an idealized male head. Hi Erick, sorry for the late reply. Loomis, clearly, could do both, work from sight, work from imagination.

Hello, aforementioned forensic artist here!

Away from the spot light, there are also many more artists producing what might be thought of as more traditional work paint on canvas or perhaps sculpture that has more in common with the output of the Reformation painters.

I also found it difficult working with the planes in the Loomis book and became disheartened, but now feel inspired to try making my own head in a manner of speaking! The first four drawings here, reading from the top of the page down, are pretty much in the same vein as the previous sheet. In the video he talks about the Asaro head, shows a printed handout with the planes model, and then he draws and shows how he uses the planes approach to constuct the head.

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Planes of the Head with Loomis – Feeling the Form

I’m inspired to asar a plane head of my own, since there’s no better way than a tactile experience like that to really internalize any structure. A printed manuscript by John Asaro that shows his planes is available for free from pinwire. It would undoubtedly be better to sit some poor unsuspecting soul down and draw the planes on their head with a magic marker, awaro in lieu of that the mannequin does pretty well.

Their studios were often more akin to factories turning out product. In the long run, it compromises the quality of the work.

I love this blog, Paul. Tip Jar Heas what you read? Personally, I started to really struggle with the book at this point. The time now is I agree completely with Roman.

But I think acquiring the skills of representation, while difficult, is not enough look at the thousands of copyists at Dafen in China!!!