Arhuska konvencija en. Ceo Zakon o potvrdjivanju Arhuske konvencije možete videti ovde. CONVENTION ON ACCESS TO INFORMATION, PUBLIC. Arhuska konvencija: priračnik za implementacija: UN/ECE konvencija za pristap do informacii, učestvo na javnosta vo donesuvanjeto na odluki i pristap do. Details for Solar Energy Arhuska Konvencija. Property, Value. Name, Solar Energy Arhuska Konvencija. Description. Filename, Solar Energy Arhuska.

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Recognizing the importance of fully integrating environmental considerations konvenckja governmental decision-making and the consequent need for public authorities to be in possession of accurate, comprehensive and up-to date environmental information.


A refusal of a request shall be in writing if the request was in writing or the applicant so requests. This definition does not include bodies or institutions acting in a judicial or legislative capacity; 3. Animal raw materials other than milk with a finished product production capacity greater than 75 tons per day; Vegetable raw materials with a finished product production capacity greater than tons per day average value on a quarterly basis ; Treatment and processing of milk, the quantity of milk received being greater than tons per day average value on an annual basis ; Installations for the disposal or recycling of animal carcasses and animal waste with a treatment capacity exceeding 10 tons per day; Installations for the surface treatment of substances, objects or products using organic solvents, in particular for dressing, printing, coating, degreasing, waterproofing, sizing, painting, cleaning or impregnating, with a consumption capacity of more than kg per hour or more than tons per year; Installations for the production of carbon hard-burnt coal or electrographite by means of incineration or graphitization.

The award will be transmitted by the arbitral tribunal to the parties to the dispute and to the secretariat. Construction of overhead electrical power lines with a voltage of Kv or more and a length of more than 15 km. The Depositary shall without delay notify all Parties of any such notification received.

Arhuska konvencija: priračnik za implementacija : UN/ECE konvencija za – Google Books

If the kobvencija of the arbitral tribunal has not been designated within two months of the appointment of the second arbitrator, the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe shall, at the request of either party to the dispute, designate the president within a further two-month period. The award of the arbitral tribunal shall be accompanied by a statement of reasons. The result of the public participation shall be taken into account as far konvenciia possible.

Na sastanku stranaka mogu se, prema potrebi, konsenzusom utvrditi financijska pravila. The Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe shall carry out the following secretariat functions: Final decisions under this paragraph 1 shall be binding on the public authority holding the information.

Each Party shall take steps to establish progressively, taking into account international processes where appropriate, a coherent, nationwide system of pollution inventories or registers arhusak a structured, computerized and publicly accessible database compiled through standardized reporting.

Recognizing further the importance of the respective roles that individual citizens, non-governmental organizations and the private sector can play in environmental protection. Any dispute which may arise between the parties concerning the interpretation or execution of the award may be submitted by either party to the arbitral tribunal which made the award or, if the latter cannot be seized thereof, to another tribunal constituted for this purpose in the same manner as the first.


Each Party shall ensure that persons exercising their rights in conformity with the provisions of this Convention shall not be penalized, persecuted or harassed in any way for their involvement. Both the claimant party or parties and the other party or parties to the dispute shall appoint an arbitrator, and the two arbitrators so appointed shall designate by common agreement the third arbitrator, who shall be the president of the arbitral tribunal.

Each Party shall ensure that, within the framework of national legislation, the way in which public authorities make environmental information available to the public is transparent and that environmental information is effectively accessible, inter alia, by: When signing, ratifying, accepting, approving or acceding to this Convention, or at any time thereafter, a Party may declare in writing to the Depositary that, for a dispute not resolved in accordance with paragraph 1 above, it accepts one or both of the following means of dispute settlement as compulsory in relation to any Party accepting the same obligation: The applicant shall be informed of any extension and of the reasons justifying it.

Each Party shall, within the framework of its national legislation, ensure that members of the public concerned: Pipelines for the transport of gas, oil or chemicals with a diameter of more than mm and a length of more than 40 km. The secretariat shall forward the information received to all Parties to this Convention.

Concerned that effective judicial mechanisms should be accessible to the public, including organizations, so that its legitimate interests are protected and the law is enforced. Each Party shall strive to promote effective public participation at an appropriate stage, and while options are still open, during the preparation by public authorities of executive regulations and other generally applicable legally binding rules that may have a significant effect on the environment.

This Convention shall be open for accession as from 22 December by the States and regional economic integration organizations referred to in article The arbitral tribunal shall consist of three members. Waste-water treatment plants with a capacity exceeding population equivalent. The tribunal shall keep a record of all its expenses, and shall furnish a final statement thereof to the parties.

To the extent appropriate, each Party shall endeavour to provide opportunities for public participation in the preparation of policies relating to the environment. If a dispute arises between two or more Parties about the interpretation or application of this Convention, they shall seek a solution by negotiation or by any other means of dispute settlement acceptable to the parties to the dispute. Each Party may allow its public authorities to make a charge for supplying information, but such charge shall not exceed a reasonable amount.

For the purposes of this Convention. Article 17 SIGNATURE This Convention shall be open for signature at Aarhus Denmark on 25 Juneand thereafter at United Nations Headquarters in New York until 21 Decemberby States members of the Economic Commission for Europe as well as States having consultative status with the Economic Commission for Europe pursuant to paragraphs 8 and 11 of Economic and Social Council resolution 36 IV of 28 Marchand by regional economic integration organizations constituted by sovereign States members of the Economic Commission for Europe to which their member States have transferred competence over matters governed by this Convention, including the competence to enter into treaties in respect of these matters.


Each Party shall promote the application of the principles of this Convention in international environmental decision-making processes and within the framework of international organizations in matters relating to the environment.

Such organizations shall not exercise their right to vote if their member States exercise theirs, and vice versa.

Any arbitral tribunal constituted under the provisions set out in this annex shall draw up its own rules of procedure. Any Party to this Convention which has an interest of a legal nature in the subject matter of the dispute, and which may be affected by a decision in the case, may intervene in the proceedings with the consent of the tribunal. Each Party shall promote environmental education and environmental awareness among the public, especially on how to obtain access to information, to participate in decision-making and to obtain access to justice in environmental matters.

Any other State, not referred to in konvencij 2 above, that is a Member of the United Nations may accede to the Convention upon approval by the Meeting of the Parties. The parties to the dispute shall facilitate the work of the arbitral tribunal and, in particular, using all means at their disposal, shall: The arbitral tribunal shall render arhusks award within five months of the date on which it is established, unless it finds it necessary to extend the time limit for a period which should not exceed five months.

The United Nations, its specialized agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency, as well as any State or regional economic integration organization entitled under article 17 to sign this Convention but which is not a Party to this Convention, and any intergovernmental organization qualified in the fields to which this Convention relates, shall be entitled to participate as observers in the meetings of the Parties.

Each Party shall encourage operators whose activities have a significant impact on the environment to inform the public regularly of the environmental impact of their activities and products, where appropriate within the framework of voluntary eco-labelling or eco-auditing schemes or by other means. In addition and without prejudice to the review procedures referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 above, each Party shall ensure that, where konvenciha meet the criteria, if any, laid down in its national law, members of the public have access to administrative konvsncija judicial procedures to challenge acts and omissions by private persons and public authorities which contravene provisions of its konvenckja law relating to the environment.