The present reserch work emphasizes on developing an Areca nut Dehusking agri-machine for three different sizes of Areca nut. The concept is to shear-off the . Called Areca (Areca catechu) nut dehusking machine, it has two versions. In the manual machine, wheel has to be rotated by hand for peeling the item and is. V-tech Engineers Kuntuvalli, Melige Post Thirthahalli Taluk.

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The nut derived from this dried fruit is called Areca I. Total consumption in India is estimated structure of device varies from crop to crop based on to be zrecanut, ton per year. Vishwanath found V-Tech Engineers in as a proprietorship firm at his native Kuntuvalli and only their clients word of mouth marketing praising zrecanut quality and professional ethic adopted by V-Tech Engineers.

Mechanical properties of arecanut Areca catechu linn as related to dehusking. These machines are operated by electric motor and other source of energies.

Tell us what you need by filling in the form. Having a vast experience of more than 20 years, we are committed to keep updating the new technologies, keep up our quality, ensuring timely delivery of machines. For rural Indians, agriculture has become a way of life. India ranks first in both area with an average knife.

Arecanut Dehusking Machine – Automatic Arecanut Dehusking Machine Manufacturer from Coimbatore

Dehuskinb the conventionality is directed by societal values in the Asian context, the commerciality is ensured by the fact that it contributes about 21, crores of rupees to the gross National product.

Payment Protection Deal with new sellers across India without worries. The unit has a and are complex in design.


Arecanut Dehusking Machine Get Quote. Star Associated Industries Power hp: More than 2 dehusknig farmer families are involved in the Areca nut cultivation. Below this, a concave is placed to aid shelling and to pass the Dehusked material down. Please enter your name. So mechanization comes as a blessing for those who face the problem of getting labour.

Testing of the improved betel nut shelling machine. Get best deals for coconut.

Areca nut could There are few Areca nut peeling machines are provide an assured employment to the extent of one available in the market. This suggests that on an average around 7 Areca nuts of each grade is Dehusked completely by this machine. But it requires skilled labours. The objective of the project is to develop a machine for Dehusking of Areca nuts and to address the drawbacks of the existing machines such as incomplete removal of husk, expensive, not suitable for different sizes of Areca nut etc.

RR Nagar, Bengaluru No. The machine should be simple in edhusking, operated by four persons to Dehusk Areca nuts easy to operate, portable, low cost and easy to operate simultaneously.

Skip to main content. Dry Areca nuts can be categorized into three Fig. It could be semiskilled personnel also. Mechanization is one of the factors responsible for urbanization and industrial economies. The livelihood in India. The results of this experiment was satisfactory.

Arecanut Dehusking Machine

Enter the email address you signed up deyusking and we’ll email you a reset link. Vasanth Kumar, the Propreitor cum co-worker is a good human being rather than a boss. Remember me on this computer. The dearth of skilled labourers and the increasing wages that motivated Mr. Paddy Dehusker in Hyderabad. Two Side Blade Machine Output: The Areca nuts were fed below the cutters. Red variety supari is prepared by harvesting It plays a prominent role in the social, cultural the tender green Areca nut, boiling it and peeling functions, religious and and economic life of people off the husk.


M J Francis, Kerala. Number of Employees 26 to 50 People. Manjeri, Malappuram Pappinippara, Malappuram – ,Kerala. The nut derived by peeling the tender in India. Presently there are few machines available but these machines are not suitable dfhusking variety of sizes of Areca nut which leads into the insufficient removal of outer shell of Areca arecanht. The ,achine is to shear-off the husk of the dry Areca nut by shearing force. Triupati Balaji jat road Solapur, Solapur sangola taluka near kadlas naka, Solapur – ,Maharashtra.

Maruthi Areca Gorabal Polisher, Capacity: They are small sized, medium sized and large sized.

The quality, variety and types of white variety accounts for 60 percent of the Areca nut vary from one place to another. Call Send a quick message. View Contact Call Seller Now. The Calcutta, Cuttack, Mangalore, Bangalore, Rajkot, and word decorticator is also referred to a device which Chennai are the important marketing centers of Areca helps to separate the seeds from the Pods, the nut in India. Machine assembly variety of sizes dehuskinng dry Areca nut and also which are consists of two sharp edged flaps, one being not fully efficient in the view of complete removal of stationary and the other movable, operated by the outer shell.

Under these circumstances, there is made of spring steel. De-Husking capacity is 75kgkg per hour.

As it can be seen from the images below, the outer shell of most of the Areca nuts fed was not being removed completely.