On the book was printed: The Arduin Grimoire, by Dave Hargrave. of Doom, which collectively came to be known as “The Arduin Trilogy”. Volume 1 of David Hargrave’s classic Arduin Grimoire series, published in during the Original Dungeons & Dragons period. Old-school D&D at its best!. The Arduin Grimoire – Vol 6 – House of the Rising , , KB. file, The Arduin , , KB. file.

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In to my amazement aarduin great honor I took up he gauntlet after about a month of thought and prep and pulled it off over the course of about 8 years. Ah, such a nice reminder of how it felt to find those Arduin books for the first time… and the odd stares I got the first time I brought them to game.

Comprehensive rules for weather.

Several notable illustrators worked on Arduin materials at various times over the years, including the following:. Over unique treasures, and the tools to create many more. My own homebrew settings always had Arduin DNA running through them and somewhere there was always a gate that would have led there if players stumbled across it… even in games of Traveller. Well, the first two are easily available on Amazon, the third comes out in March.


He also did the cover for The Arduin Adventure rule book. This volume, the first in the two-volume set, contains the following new and improved features: February 4, at 9: It also has a worn stamp on the inside. But the specific rules hardly mattered. More than of the most powerful magiks ever writ. And what an addition it was! Arduin Products are available through “Emperor’s Choice” games, here.

Feedback like yours keeps me writing. Tables for ceiling, floor and wall traps.

This was a world in which Multiversal Trading Corporation maintained branch offices in all major cities, allowing an adventurer to browse a selection of goods; a place where on one dark night of the year a horrific god might walk the world in the flesh; where potable liquors might be brewed from the most peculiar ingredients, and some of them might give you more than a buzz; where a laser-rifle armed mercenary might be found hunting a dragon.

Some years later, Dave Hargrave returned to make more in the series, having revamped his own system. December 10, at Your ad here, right now: Enter your email address to subscribe gimoire this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. His is also the original design for the Arduin “Shield” now featured by Emperor’s Choice Games and Miniatures as their trademark.

June 24, at 9: The is the extremely rare complete Arduin Grimoire by David Hargrave. Many characters have died in Arduin, but a great many more have lived and gone down in its very history. The Arduin Adventure afduin the novice with a set of simple and understandable guidelines for learning the basic concepts of Role Playing.

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Arduin Grimoire Trilogy Original Box Set David Hargrave | #

More than two dozen fully-developed character classes. Inhe was hired by Grimoier Choice Games to create new cover art for a hardcover reprinting of the original Arduin Grimoire Trilogy.

He would paint the picture for you, tell you in his flowing language what was trilogt on, what he saw in his own mind…and the rest was up to you, Fate, Role Play and the dice. I limited races a bit.

Arduin Grimoire Trilogy Original Box Set David Hargrave

But no one cared about his rules. You continually post such great content and thought provoking articles. The man had 6 children to feed! June 24, at 4: But still very very usable, and not so damaged as to not still be cool.

Arduin is an “anything goes” system, whose only limits are the player’s imagination!