The grey-necked wood rail measures 38 cm (15 in) long and weighs g (16 oz ). The upperparts are olive green to dark brown. The head and neck are. Gray-necked Wood-Rail (Aramides cajanea) [version 1] American Ornithologists’ Union 6th edition (incl. 35th suppl.): Gray-necked Wood-Rail (Aramides. Species, Aramides cajanea (Statius Muller, ) – Rascón cuello gris, Grey- necked Wood Rail, Gray-necked Wood-Rail. Subspecies, Aramides cajanea.

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Sign in to our Contributor site. Aramidss other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Costa Rica south to northwestern Colombia including islands off of Panama and, east of the Andes, to the Guianas and northeastern Brazil south to northern Argentina and Uruguay Aramides cajaneus avicenniae: The grey-necked wood rail also has a large extent of occurrence, estimated to cover Connect with us Help us improve the site by taking our survey.

Translate Avibase is also available in the following languages: Though we edit our accounts for accuracy, we cannot guarantee all information in those accounts.

Bird in the dark tropical forest habitat. Classification Kingdom Animalia animals Animalia: The specific epithet, cajaneusis in reference to the capital city of French GuianaCayenne. Gray-necked Wood-Rail, Aramides cajanea, walking on the green grass in nature.

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Aramides cajanea

The chicks are black and downy, with a brownish head. These birds issue a harsh, loud and powerful cackle when they feel threatened.

Please send me product announcements, helpful advice, and special promotions. As with incubation, parents share brooding responsibilities.

Of the two subspecies, A. Negative There are no known adverse effects of Aramides cajanea on humans.

ADW: Aramides cajanea: INFORMATION

The upper parts of their feathers are olive-brown, while their rump, tail and vent are black. To cite this page: The Clements Checklist of Birds of the World. Their estimated lifespan is about 3. There are more than 12, regional checklists in Avibase, offered in 9 different taxonomies, including synonyms more than languages. Sign up to browse over million imagesvideo clips, and music tracks. The brown spot present at the back of the head of the nominate is also reduced or gone.

Checklists There cjaanea more than 12, regional checklists in Avibase, offered cjanea 9 different taxonomies, including synonyms more than languages. Exotic, colorful Gray-necked Wood-Rail, Aramides cajanea, climbs on inclined mossy trunk with outstretched wings. The lower back is toned a slight olive, and the underparts are also slightly paler than the nominate, [11] but without white feathers.


Bird checklists – taxonomy – distribution – maps – links. The grey-necked wood rail is the type host of Plasmodium bertiian apicomplexan parasite, meaning that P. The legs are coral-red, while the bill is a bright greenish-yellow.

The song of Aramides cajanea is heard from January to October, but most often around the nesting season, specifically April to June. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Harris, ; Skutch, Mating System monogamous Breeding begins during the first part of the rainy season, spanning from April to August.

International Union for Conservation of Nature. Unlike many other species of railsgray-necked wood-rails are flighted. Back to aramjdes Esc.

Gray-necked wood-rail (Aramides cajanea)

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Aramides cajanea. United Nations University Cajxnea. It lives primarily in the forests, mangroves, and swamps of Central and South America. The chicks that hatch are precocialable to move soon after hatching.