Deploy to the users using SCCM, active directory or whatever your company uses. Answered 04/12/ by: olditguy. Second Degree Blue. Application Packaging Using AdminStudio The next training opportunity is June Register yout training seat today. Get trained with Application Packaging trainer. Installation of Installshield and Adminstudio How to deploy application via common deployment methods.

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If this contains anything to be added to or removed from the path, check to be sure that the project is appending or prepending this value, not replacing the entire path with this value.

Keeping Applications at the Ready

And keep Mac fans happy with applications that work the way they expect. As you can see, the analyze system option is now selected.

Exclusions After capture, the repackaging wizard comes up. What is it and what is Flexera doing with it?

Application Deployment: Using AdminStudio Repackager

It then analyzes the before and after and captures the changes. Make any changes necessary to the configuration options in the application. Also, remember that if you exclude something and the install does not work, you can always go back and include it.

If necessary, you can add shortcuts here. I will start with all of the information you need to know about Repackager, applicatioon go through a simple example where I repackage Mozilla Firefox into an MSI.

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It can be found here: In admiinstudio Classes key, be sure not to exclude items that have to do with your product. The second snapshot will take a bit longer than the initial one. 20133 now launches the project.

Microsoft MVP Brien Posey, defines Application Rationalization and discusses why it is critical in getting your application house in order for Windows The product registry key will be added by the script that installs the application, so do not insert it here. I could have used Repackager to only capture the bookmark if I wanted too, or to simply find where the file is that controls Firefox bookmarks. The repackager application will automatically load with all of the information collected.

It also performed the import of IE settings. Please exhaust ALL other options before resorting to repackaging.

Application Packaging & Software Deployment Tools

You have now completed all of the typical changes needed to produce an MSI file. After doing a few these, you will get admisntudio hang of what can be excluded.

You will need the entire directory not just the MSI to make any further changes. Remember to do this for ALL shortcuts that the user might use to start the application.

To be sure that the users can start this application and that the shortcut is self-repairing, you must make sure that the ‘Advertised’ property is set to ‘Yes’. We want a MSI not an executable.


It should be ignored. Place any desired shortcuts to the desktop or aeminstudio menu in the ‘all users’ profile so all users can get to them. On the next screen, I select multiple steps. AdminStudio is a product from Flexera Software that can be a complete, end-to-end application management system. After capture, the repackaging wizard comes up. For simple applications, installation monitoring works really well.

Snapshot This is basically the only option your given besides package name when setting up applicatipn repackage. If you launch the application before analyzing the changes, any change you make will be preserved in the captured MSI.

Look for errors during installation. AdminStudio Mac Application Management. Always make sure that your license agreement supports activating the software for all users or accepting the EULA on adminstduio of your users. The main thing to remember when excluding things is to just pay attention to what you are doing. Use of our site signifies acceptance of our privacy policy. This is especially useful if you must deploy an application with a certain set of settings.

Limitations Repackager does have some limitations.