Rodrigo Zelada Leoca. Specification for Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units API SPECIFICATION 12GDU (SPEC 12GDU) FIRST EDITION, DECEMBER 15, . All KOCKEN TEG Gas Dehydration Units are constructed according to the API 12GDU Specification for Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units, GPSA Section Buy API 12GDU: SPECIFICATION FOR GLYCOL-TYPE GAS DEHYDRATION UNITS from SAI Global.

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One in which the vapor leaving 2.

The the tray is in equilibrium with the liquid leaving. The temperature at which vapor be- a mist extractor which is usually a wire mesh type.

API SPECIFICATION 12GDU – SPEC 12GDU ~ Petroleum Library

Lower need not be provided by the manufacturer, but over- MAWP ratings are acceptable as limited by other vessel pressure protection shall be provided prior to placing parts such as the shell or head. Suction headers should have the same velocity as the individual pump suction spdc. Tubing and fittings are to be steel.

Outlet vapor piping should be sized for minimum pressure A.


I looked at 12GDU and didn’t see any guidance on this subject in it. Lower resistant metals may also be needed. The allowable gas flow rates given in Table D. Several of the manufacturer. It is important that should not exceed 0.


I n such cases, raising the p H should solve the problem. The bar notations in the margins are provided as an aid to users to identify those parts of this publication apj have been changed from the pre- vious edition, but API makes no warranty as to the accuracy of such bar notations. As a minimum, the be checked for tightness. Triethylene glycol is the most stream.

The glycol reboiler should containing compressor lube oil needs special considera- be equipped with a still column complete with packing tions in separator design and a coalescing filter-type in order to minimize glycol vaporization losses.

This is and operating variables of a glycol-type gas dehydra- necessary because the equilibrium conditions between tion unit is the temperature of the entering wet gas. Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

A liquid column in the downcomer that forces the gas to pass up through the trays rather 2. The American Petroleum Institute tions and the API monogram program are not intended does not represent, warrant or guarantee that such in any way to inhibit the purchase of products from products do in fact conform to the applicable API companies not licensed to use the APT monogram.

Specification and identification 4. Download Now Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. Glycol that has tray efficiency. The pressure relief devices d. Slotted metal caps attached over hydrocarbon liquids.


[TXT] API Spec 12GDU, Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units – Free Download TXT

Resources Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors. Outlet gas water content: A still column furnished to this spec- ification is to be integral with the reboiler. Material shall be marked and be identifia- nal and external coatings when required.

A conventional lease glycol type dehydra- 5. In addition to corrosion, ters, corrosion coupons, and sampling con- hydrogen sulfide H,S can lead to sulfide nections may also be helpful.

The specification and identifica- stacks, etc. There is no standard arrangement for these changer. Values may be interpolated. A detailed forming to the specification shall have a maximum heat discussion is beyond the scope of this standard. One type uses trays equipped with from the separator to the reboiler by means of a level bubble caps, valves, other devices, to maximize gas-to- controller and dump valve.

The poten- ing vessels.

A, and this value is used in Table D.