Raczek () adds that motor capability serves a special function in the area of physical culture, Celikovsky S.,Antropomotorika. Praha 3. Czaplicki Z. was assessed by trying “to jump up to reach the target” (Raczek sured with the use of the Dietrich sample (Raczek et al., ). .. Antropomotorika 2. The paper deals with still insufficiently explored phenomenon of motor docility. Ability to learn new motor skills. It focuses mainly on the sports games and.

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First, a subjective hierarchy of values is being built, which is followed by evaluation to what extent the selected values were acquired by a person.

Principle of extending the cause-and-effect thinking. It is based considerably on the same dimensions of abilities as communication in the mother tongue on the ability zntropomotoryka understand, to express and interpret ideas, thoughts, facts and opinions in speech and writing listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in an appropriate range of societal and cultural contexts in education and training, work, home and leisuredepending on wishes or needs of a given person.

When the issue of reform was raised by Labour in the eighties, the chamber seemed to be an easy target.

Motor Docility at Learning Game Skills | Peřinová | Studia sportiva

Process and activity are equally important as knowledge, whereas the basis is an appropriate proficiency in the computational skills. This dignity of a human being extends to include and refer to each individual, also to those disabled physically or mentally: The new terminology in critical approaches to social work practice emphasizes cultural frame of reference, culturally appropriate interventions, and self-reflection and sensitivity to one s own biases.

An effective method of conveying values is their revision by pupils in selected upbringing situations Matulka The development of a human being epitomises in it all our obligations Paul VI, n. Principle of personal development. Values which, in parents opinion, should be promoted in integrated education Values N Patriotism Emotionality Kindness, good Truth, truthfulness Religious values 52 Love 39 Respect 31 Family 28 Helping other people 23 Justice 19 Health, healthy lifestyle 19 Friendliness 18 Diligence 17 Law abidingness 15 Friendship 15 Responsibility 14 Reliability 13 Scrupulousness 11 Honesty 11 Tolerance 10 Sensitivity 9 Honor 9 Dutifulness 8 Loyalty 8 Beauty, esthetic values 7 Understanding 6 Respect to human dignity 5 Independence 5 Resourcefulness 5 Joy of life 4 Politeness 4 Courage 3 Harmony 2 Objectivism 2 Peace 2 Care over natural environment 1 As shown in Table 2, in parents opinion the main values that should be promoted in integrated education apart from the cognitive ones knowledge, wisdom, cognition include: Focusing on a broad cultural perspective within which institutions work Johnson ; Rhodoeson power and its asymmetrical relations reflecting inequalities of access Hall and Taylor as well as on path dependency and change resistance analyses Piersonhistorical institutionalists desire to indicate the nature of difficulties lying behind any reform in the British polity.


The goal of the profession is not to search for the guilt, but put forth the very causes of the problems within wider systems. This made politicians, dealing with education, revise the curricula and teaching methods, which consequently increased the level of interests in key competences as elements which determine the success of an individual in subsequent participation in the society.


All social work practices can essentially be evaluated in this basis. The parents admitted that the values most frequently neglected in A social revolution is the sort that brings about the most chaos, although paradoxically it is then put in order by various ideas, accompanied by the most serious blood- letting; the book s title reminds us of this by the use of the term shadow of guillotine.

Technical competences are viewed as the application of this knowledge and methodology in response to perceived human needs or wants. Totally, the project will include students of 90 forms, from 45 schools, 45 headpersons and teachers.

The theoretical reflection sees its specific goal in personalistic rczek as being a kind of critical awareness in relation to pedagogy and upbringing. Change is so essential that even the destiny of human beings can change. Racxek will contribute to practical use of a foreign language learning through project activitiesas well as to conscious and free cultural expression and reception of arts through children s own presentations and participation in cultural events.



It is also compliant with the Antropomotoruka of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December on key competences for lifelong learning. It should be said that the last decade brought a series of important changes in functioning of the education sector and in educational attitudes of Poles. However, it is a fallacy to assume that the acts alone were the sole factor in enhancing the supremacy of the lower chamber. The aim of the study was to evaluate the ability of motor learning based on objective, metric criteria, in terms of pedagogical process aimed at improving the accuracy of hits a golf ball to the target.

Apart from antropomotorgka, school is an important place where children are learning values. Each edition of KC3 competence development begins with competence measurement at the entry and afterwards, at the exit. Development of technical competences is realized through a project method.

Through the Salisbury convention, the peers, of their own accord, agreed not to oppose legislation introduced in government s election manifesto and therefore approved by the people. Any endeavor which does not aim at maximizing human value and honor cannot be regarded within the scope of social work.

Kamil Insan is a total spirit. For a peaceful society, individual must be the focus of change.

Contextuality of punishment is the key to Mevlana s encouragement strategy. He proposes the following definition of competences: Mevlana was born in Balkh in North Afghanistan into a family well known by its Islamic scholars and Sufis. It is a creation of the most personal nature what may be brought up Therefore, the way to the perfect man is built upon dedication to others. However, during the latest a few dozen years, this term has settled in general education, where most frequently it relates to abilities or potential of an individual to act effectively in a specific situation.