Louis Pasteur built his reputation and altered the course of twentieth century science by plagiarizing and distorting the work Antoine Bechamp. Pearson exposes. Antoine Bechamp, the babe of , died on the 15th April, , fourteen days after he was first visited by an aged American physician between whom and. The French chemist Antoine Béchamp (–) was a life-long rival to the Béchamp was comprehensively wrong, but not absolutely so.

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Pasteur began to hate opening his letters, he wanted to stop his ears against snickers that sounded from around corners, and then – the worst thing that could possibly happen – came a cold, terribly exact, scientific report from the laboratory of that nasty little German Koch in Berlin, and this report ripped the practicalness of the anthrax vaccine to tatters.

Pasteur Versus Béchamp: The History of Germ Theory

When opened, it was found that the kitten’s body had been entirely consumed except for some small fragments of bone and dry matter. By a series amtoine intricate experiments, including the filtration of air and the famous exposure of unfermented liquids to the pure air of the high Alps, he was able to declare with certainty in that the minute organisms causing fermentation were not spontaneously generated but came from similar hechamp with which ordinary air was impregnated.

Vaccination in the newborn cattle started on Jan. In Pasteur was admitted to the French Academy through the influence of Biot and the Mineralogical Section, which based its nomination and support on Pasteur’s past work on crystallography; yet many attacks were made on his treatment of that subject, and he took the advice of friends to drop this line of work! Demonstration that natural organic matters are spontaneously alterablebecause they necessarily and inherently contain the agents of their spontaneous alteration, viz.: In this connection he discovered also that plant and animal matters contain normally the bechamo which cause them to alter spontaneously; that their cellules, without the atmospheric germs, are ferments.

Instead disease-causing germs are actually opportunistic, thriving in people whose bodies have a weakness or imbalance internally. During his long and distinguished career as an academic and a researcher in 19th century France, Antoine Bechamp was widely known as both a teacher and an innovator. Haller,who derived the fibres of the clot from the lymph of the blood, was the precursor of the savants, who, like him, saw in the blood only globules in suspension in a liquid where everything else was supposed to be in a state of perfect solution.


That which, long after the time of Lavoisier, chemists have called organic matters are only innumerable combinations in various proportions which carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen can form, often with other simple bodies at the same time, sulphur, phosphorus, iron, etc.

Theory of the decomposition of oxygenated water by fibrin and by the fibrinous microzymas.

They have had no hydrophobia since. Even a few minutes after the injection of the vibrios, the leucocytes disappear almost completely from the peritonaeal fluid; and only a few small lymphocytes and a large number of vibrios, the majority of which are already transformed into granules, are found; and there is presented a most typical case of Pfeiffer’s phenomenon.

It had become lactic acid, which had furnished “an abundant crystallisation of lactate of lime”; in short, the fermentation instead of being alcoholic had been lactic!

Another good book is Pasteur Exposed, written by Ethel Hume and first published inwhich goes into all the details of exactly how Bechamp’s ideas were twisted beyond recognition by Pasteur. Louis Pasteur built his reputation and altered the course of twentieth century science by plagiarizing and distorting the work Antoine Bechamp.

Antoine Béchamp – Wikipedia

Leverson, has until now been available only as a facsimile reproduction. Demonstration that the soluble ferments or zymas are not the products of some change of an albuminoid matter, but the physiological products of a living organism; in short, that the relation of a mould, of beer yeast or of a cellule and of a microzyma with the zymases, is that of producer to a product.

The discussion did not rest there. Let us consider the consequences of this mode of view. Streptococci, coliform bacteria and Proteus species were all isolated from these substances. And his assistants might have believed such a trick harmless and justifiable! The reader should be aware when reading The Third Element of the Blood that in formulating his microzymian theory of biological organisation, Bechamp in no way sought to establish it as the last word on the subjects of disease, its transmission, general physiology, or indeed the organisation of living matter itself.

Antoine Béchamp | Food For Thought Store

He had the choice between two hypotheses; that antolne the germs of the air with Spallanzani and Schwann, and that of spontaneous generation; he chose the second, asserting that these beings were born spontaneously of the albuminoid matter of the nitrogenised matters. And he does not seem to have been able antoie repeat the success elsewhere! And when they gave two “shots”, one for each of these, they discovered a second paratyphoid, so to be scientific they called them ‘A’ and ‘B. The translator bespeaks a painstaking attention by men of science, by philosophers and by philanthropists to the rest of this narrative; and to keep in mind the constant boastings by li te abtoine t eurs, by the press, and by men held as most eminent in science of our superiority over our fathers.


He soon had bacteriological institutes for experiments and the production and sale of his various serums and vaccines established in many parts of the world, the one in Paris being probably the first. Just as a man consumes all that food only by repeating the same act a great many times, the yeast cell consumes the great mass of sugar only by constantly assimilating and disassimilating it, bit by bit.

The discovery of diastase and of synapse, soluble and nitrogenized quaternaries like yeast, was held to legitimize the refusal to consider yeast as acting because it was organized and living. In reality these two germs are only different developments or outgrowths of Bechamp’s microzymas, and should have much the same effect anywhere, namely that of scavengers of dead tissues or waste.

Antoine Béchamp

As well said by Judge Cooley: Now after the discovery of gluten, of vegetable albumen, nitrogenized quaternaries like beer yeast, it was admitted that they were the ferment of vinous fermentation; then generalizing it came to be thought that albumin, the albuminoids in general, became or were directly the ferment; while the ternary proximate principles, such as cane sugar, grape sugar, milk sugar, the other sugars, amylaceous matter, inulin, gum, mannite, etc.

Later in Koch made some studies in which he discovered a formation of spores among his “bacteridia”. English speaking people need to have ideals of liberty refreshed by a study of the history of Wat Tyler, who headed one of the most justifiable rebellions in history, and although treacherously murdered by the then Lord Mayor of London, his example should be held up to all our children for imitation