ANSI/ESD S Revision and Redesignation of ANSI/ESD STM For the Protection of Electrostatic. Discharge Susceptible Items. This Standard establishes test methods for measuring the electrical resistance of floor materials where protection of ESD susceptible items is required. ANSI/ESD STM Revision and Re-designation of ANSI/ESD S For the Protection of Electrostatic. Discharge Susceptible Items. Floor Materials.

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Ionizers increase the electrical conductivity of air, which is especially useful in environments that use insulators which cannot be removed from the EPA such as PC boards. Now things get complicated.

The backing would typically promote an anti-skid and durable surface. Really close to the plates, the effects of decay time are linear and are affected by a plane source. Will liquids or spills be anticipated or utilized in this area?

Ground Zero Electrostatics Blog – Page 7 of 8 – Electrostatic Discharge and You!

What should be the required Ground Rod-to-earth resistance? Impact resistance for the toe area of footwear. There are some commercial and residential applications where antistatic flooring is acceptable but would be outside of the range of Static Conductive or Static Dissipative. What type traffic will the floor see? Will odors be a problem during the installation process? The green conductor or equipment grounding conductor comes from a ground bus and is bonded to the metal chassis or conduit.

In selecting an electrical range there are several key factors to consider, these are in order of importance in our professional opinion: We recommended 2 possible options, both of which would be completely monolithic and seamless due to the excessive liquids that will be present. How important is meeting industry standards to you and your company?


The telecommunications industry has often used 5 ohms or less as their value for grounding and bonding. The National Electrical Code defines a ground as: What is the intended use for the floor? Are you fully operational and or will the work be done in phases? Budgetary factors Performance warranty Maintenance level expectations Esthetics I think this will give you some things to consider moving forward.

Our No-Slip II is made of a corrugated slip-resistant vinyl. Based on what you have described in you e-mail, conductive range is best suited for your application, dissipative should not be considered. The black or Hot conductor comes from a circuit breaker and goes to an AC outlet receptacle. Within the ESDPA, they do require the additional shielding protection of the device, but it is always a good idea when practical.

My question is, why is it during the distance of 20 to 24 inch the graph line become a straight line saturated and not growing linearly like the other points? Grounding of an ESD flooring system is comprised of appropriately placed copper grounding tape running beneath flooring overlayment adhesive and attached to primary electrical building grounds located throughout the facility, as well as installation of GZ- ground plates.

ESD flooring systems are referred to as static conductive more conductive or static dissipative not as conductive, but will dissipate charges in an orderly fashion. Do you own or lease the building?

What is the difference between anti-static and static dissipative floors? Tile, we have many millions of square feet of experience in this asni, so please call me when you have some time. These floors require proper cleaning and maintenance, but will likely exceed the requirements for Our Duro-Stat line is actually a homogenous vinyl ESD matting with great mechanical and electrical properties.

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We have an ESD tile floor in our testing lab. The answer to your question is, YES.


We are removing old vinyl tile and replacing with ESD protective tile. See the attached white paper on this specific subject.

Conductive properties which reduce hazards that may result from static electricity buildup, and reduce the possibility of ignition of explosives and volatile chemicals. I hope this helps address your question, please let us know if we can be ese further assistance with any ESD questions or ESD protective product requirements you and your team may be sourcing.

EOS/ESD Association, Inc.

The ground bus is then bonded to the Neutral bus. We are wondering if ESD conductive or dissipative is best. Notice that voltages of up to 1. These floors are the superior choice for an assembly environment and offer the lowest charge generation and quickest charge dissipation.

Anti-static material is usually indicated by an electrical resistance range, measured in ohms, of a minimum of 1E10, 10 giga ohmsto a maximum of 1E12, 1 trillion ohms.

Suffice to say, nature is fsd complicated to be linear. Does the type of work being performed in the protected area include, working with Power Supplies?