Aumento de la dinámica uterina, llegando incluso a la contracción tetánica. c. Elevación del anillo de Bandl por encima de la sínfisis del pubis. Puede llegar a . Engrosamiento en forma anular del útero durante el parto encima del orificio interno que señala el límite inferior de la porción contráctil del órgano. También. La ruptura o rotura uterina es la solución de continuidad no quirúrgica del útero, Distensión marcada del segmento inferior con ascenso del anillo de Bandl.

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English Lower esophageal mucosal ring.

Astronomy astronomy any of the thin circular bands of small bodies orbiting a giant planet, esp Saturn. A length of line folded over and joined at the ends so as to form a curve or circle: The room rang with shouts. Bandl’s ring – definition of Bandl’s ring by The Free Dictionary https: His name rings a bell, but I don’t remember where I’ve heard it before.

Distocia por retracción del anillo de Bandl – Cristóbal Santa María – Google Books

To ornament or supply with a ring or rings: She also aanillo a list of “labor problems,” which includes “unusually small pelvis” and Bandl’s rings which are extremely rare.


There is no difference in meaning. The bell rang the hour. American speakers don’t usually use ring in this sense. Mathematics The area between two concentric circles; annulus. A circular band used for carrying, holding, or containing something: Electronics electronics the damped oscillatory wave produced by a circuit that rings.

Boxing a square apron or raised platform, marked off by ropes, in which contestants box or wrestle.

To announce, proclaim, or signal by or as if by ringing: Lower esophageal mucosal ring. His story has a ring of truth about it. Guests ringed the coffee table. English Marasmius oreades organism.

Poe ringingtintinnabulation sound – the sudden anilpo of an audible event; “the sound awakened them” bell ringing – the sound of someone playing a set of bells. Chemistry A group of atoms linked by bonds that may be represented graphically in polygonal form.

Hourglass uterine contraction finding.

In British English, when znillo ring someone, you dial their phone number and speak to them by phone. Agriculture to fit a ring in the nose of a bull, pig, etc so that it can be led easily. Often used with up: I’ll give you a ring.


Bandl, Anillo de

Telecommunications informal chiefly Brit a telephone call: To encircle with or as if with a band: Jewellery a circular band usually of a precious metal, esp gold, often set with gems and worn upon the finger as an adornment or as a token of engagement or marriage. His offer has a suspicious ring. Spanish anillo de bahdl. An organized group of criminals, hoodlums, or wrongdoers: English Contraction ring dystocia.

The mother of all pregnancy books: English Bandl’s retraction ring. Botany botany short for annual ring.

anillo de bandl

To call a batter out on strikes. Anillo test a coin, for example for quality by the sound it produces when struck against something.

To be filled with sound; resound: