Andersonville has ratings and reviews. Larry said: This is a book that I read as a young teenager. It changed my life. I was living a fairly mi. The greatest of our Civil War novels” (New York Times) reissued for a new generation As the United States prepares to commemorate the Civil. Man’s inhumanity to Man — and the redeeming flashes of mercy — this is the theme at the heart of this grim record in fictional form of one of the blots on the.

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We got a heavy dose of pus, blood, vomit, diarrhea, gangrene and rotting corpses. Andersonville, Initial Impressions, February, Andersonville was the name of a Confederate prison andesonville out of the timber of northeast Georgia. It was a letter Mack had written to my grandmother, Irene Layne, on April 24,from a German town just five miles outside the just-liberated Buchenwald concentration camp.

There is also the story of captain Wirtz who was the commandant jantor Andersonville and tried he thought to run a good facility even though he was never given the supplies and resources he needed do I send more prisoners then he could handle.

And those who did last retained an aloof superficiality. I should state I am not a fan of linear war novels so it is good that these plotlines were kind of intermingled but much of the time I found myself zoning out. The attempt at “authentic” language is cloying and painful at kamtor perhaps not aided by the narrator’s strategy Ugh, this book was painful andersonvills get through, and I only persevered because I was reading it for a book club.

Andersonville, the prisoner stockade in Georgia, twenty acres hewn out of a pine woods, counted for more dead in fourteen months of the Civil War than Bull Run, Antietam and Gettysburg combined.

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Preview — Andersonville by MacKinlay Kantor.


Long before the world was horrified by European concentration camp in WW II, men were subjected to conditions even more shocking in Andersonville, Georgia. These chapters give us a fleeting glimpse of a man–but that’s because the man’s life itself was fleeting, lost at Andersonville. It made most men sick to eat it. Looking through a reversed telescope at a prisoner of war camp, in fact a true death camp, is probably a subject for few readers.

Apparently many of them are Catholic as evidenced by the stories of the Catholic priest who serves the community. Kantor died of a heart attack inat the age of 73, at his home in Sarasota, Florida.

You cringe, when upon arrival, they are attacked by gangs andersnoville thugs for their last few possessions.

As they ride off ira hope they will not choose his land. Mano a’ mano combat. There are so many things that would have made it good. It resembles more closely the work of the social historians who might seem uninterested in sketching for the reader a broader narrative synthesis and kajtor are less attractive to the general public.

Published September 1st by Plume first published The book was, for me, split in 3 different parts: Compared to the other US Because my friend Ryland writes reports and said I should too as I read the Pulitzer Winners in ascending order and the Man Booker Winners in descending here goes I’ll go back and review the others at some point This book was very difficult for me to review on a star basis because it was insanely difficult to digest as a whole.

Jul 31, Claudia rated it it was amazing.

But it turned out to be one of those books that has stayed with me all this time. Obviously this is a 21st Century review andersonvills this novel Which was written in the s but regardless of if someone was a “good” or “bad” slave owner doesn’t excuse the fact that they owned people.


Andersonville (novel) – Wikipedia

This is a searing book — a reading experience no one will forget. And often the end is not good for the character in question. And it was physically and psychologically hellish for the prisoners, but also psychologically andersonvilld for the guards. Or did he really mean for it kantorr be considered a novel?

In Andersonville, or Camp Sumter, to give its official name, there was no order or policing. Again, I felt very little empathy for any of the Confederate soldiers who ran the camp and andesonville less for the Union Raiders within.

Refresh and try again. It is about the Civil War era prison known as “Andersonville”. Rather, the work is a collection of vignettes of a large number of ordinary people some historical but most fictional of whom Claffey is merely one. View all 3 comments.

What rare concentrated tragedies will have occurred within another nineteen months—not here, for this place has bred a tragedy greater than any recorded in the Nation’s past—but elsewhere, all over the South, through back roads and on wharves and in legislative rooms, in foundries which rust because the fires have gone out? One of the more shocking examples was an old man following the men with diarrhea and eating the undigested food they found.

Kantor does not condemn him, no; he merely presents him as a self-pitying, ineffectual and rather wretched little man, an obvious scapegoat.

This is America; this is Andersonville.