The ANC held its 52nd National Conference at the University of Limpopo in Polokwane from December Jacob Zuma was elected as ANC President. General assessment of resolutions. The ANC’s 52nd National Conference ( Polokwane, December ) took resolutions that: * effectively. I am honoured to welcome you to this 52nd National Conference of the . The Economic Resolutions of the 51st National Conference were.

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Party calls for school principals to be appointed on merit, matric pass requirements to be examined. Mbeki, required by the country’s constitution to relinquish the country’s presidency at the end of his second term innonetheless chose to stand for a third term as party president, as the ANC has no limit on the number of terms as party president.

We are also finalising the strategy and programmes to address matters that fonference to social cohesion. It also addresses the important issue of further strengthening the Community Safety Forums to improve community involvement in the fight against crime.

The loans disbursed ranged from R2 to R per farmer at an average of R28 Accordingly, since the last National Conference work has been done to address the pressing matter of health promotion, reduction of the burden of disease and unnecessary death, as directed by that Conference.


These include income, as well as the social wage, such as housing, free basic services and education, these being services provided by the state and which are central to the improvement of the living conditions of our people.

To deal effectively with crime, it has always been necessary to have a full comprehension of the trends of the different types of crime. This is a result of fixed investment growing by well over the 10 percent AsgiSA target in recent years. The allocation of dedicated funding for the training of social workers addressed another aspect of this resolution. Khula has secured the commitment of the top four banks to sign a revised Credit Indemnity Scheme.


The national identity to which we are referring is not just about national symbols, but also about the morals, values and ethics of society.

The result is that, although poverty is significantly down, inequality remains very high. A Public Works Regiment has also been established which, among other things will enable former members to be contracted to maintain certain infrastructure of the Department of Defence.

ANC conference resolution: On education and health – PARTY | Politicsweb

Such measures can include the following:. Nationwide Public Hearings on Standardisation of Geographical Names will be held in due course and I encourage members of the ANC and our allies to make their inputs into this process. We must attend to this matter, not as part of routine work, but as an urgent challenge that needs extra-ordinary attention.

We have also made progress with regard to delivering housing development close to economic centres for middle and lower income groups. These provided the context in which discussions took place.

It also means that real income per capita – our average income per person – rose from R29 per person in to over R35 per person in The Commission also received presentations on the progress made since the 52nd National Conference in the ANC and government. One of the on-going challenges facing our country is the unacceptable levels of crime. We are already using Household Food Production Programme as part of a package of measures to improve food security among the poorest and vulnerable communities, targeting, in these areas, households, schools, and clinics and providing them with diverse agricultural production packages.

R66 million was awarded to 12 students on vocational programmes in and R million will be allocated to bursaries in Towards the Realization of Schooling By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As part of ensuring a healthier nation, there is, today, more focus on non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, asthma and hypertension.


Work is underway to eliminate school fees in the lowest quintile. It is intended that every year one thousand members will receive training from these facilities.

52nd National Conference of the African National Congress – Wikipedia

There are various confetence programmes that are intended to raise awareness against crime, including in particular against women and children, such as the 16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children.

The contact crimes that have gone down are murder, rape, assault and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

Part of the loan should be converted to a bursary for successful students. It attaches to a proud nation.

There is no doubt that education and training and research and development are some of the critical areas on which we must concentrate over the next five years. As they discharged their revolutionary responsibilities some of these patriots paid the supreme price while others survived and continue, today, to engage in the new titanic struggle for freedom from hunger and freedom from poverty and underdevelopment.

Skills training is reoslutions critical to our economy, in this regard, vocational training has improved with the full implementation of the SETA system, including cpnference National Skills Fund, as promised in Among other things, this means that when we close this 52nd Resolutuons Conference, we must be able to report to the masses of our people that we have taken all the necessary decisions focused on the acceleration of our advance towards the achievement of the goal of a better life for all.

All the sporting people of South Africa should emulate this example and hoist the flag of our country high in international games.