Results 1 – 12 of 19 Süchtig sein: Entstehung, Formen und Behandlung von Abhängigkeiten (German Edition). Jan 1, by Prof Alfried Längle and Christian. PRESIDENT. Alfried Längle, M.D., Ph.D., Vienna, Austria [email protected] VICE-PRESIDENT. Christoph Kolbe, Ped. Results 1 – 16 of 22 Existenzanalyse und Daseinsanalyse: Reihe Psychotherapie: Ansätze und Akzente 3. 1 Nov by Alfried Längle and Alice Holzhey-Kunz.

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Judging is to assert what it means to her or his own life.

Being addressed and being qlfried upon produces primary emotionality that is recovered in the first step of the therapeutic process. The existential approach to psychotherapy is known more for its philosophical rather than methodological tenets, yet there is instructional, empirical, and therapeutic utility in delineating transparent structures of psychotherapy. These include the motivations to be, to experience value, and to be oneself.

As understanding is less concrete and tangible than the other elements, we describe it first by its lanvle.

Psychotherapy East and West. Inner Positioning PEA 2: What preparation or accommodation should be made in order to do this? Dialogue has an addressee.

Janelle Kwee & Alfried Langle – Phenomenology in Psychotherapeutic Praxis

Have you been seen? It is to supervise and to coordinate alfrried structures of training and the curriculum research congresses and publications the journal international questions and contacts to other associations of existential psychotherapy.


The process of understanding involves three steps. To give authentic, inner consent, it must correspond to the person in that very moment.

The direction of movement in the impulse is usually either attraction or repulsion. After finding an inner position, a person is ready for action, ready to be exposed and to express an answer. Describing the facts, including feelings, of the existential situation helps a person to find blind spots, to alfrled more fully his or her inner and outer reality, and to enter a relationship with it.

When the person is touched emotionally, one is subjected to the alien influence. Wlfried activity is not accidental or arbitrary.

The therapist remains in connection and dialogue with the client, as the client takes new practical steps in fulfilling his or her existential intentions.

It starts with self-understanding. In this step, now that the facts have been illuminated as a basis for working within the basic conditions of life, they can be left aalfried as that.

Suffering, disappointment, frustration, and loss are all part of the conditions of real life. Legacy, vibrancy, and dialogue. Do I like to live?

Together, within the theoretical framework of EA, the four existential fundamental motivations make up the cornerstones of existence. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. To be realistic, the psychotherapeutic process is structured to help the client who may be clear in his or her will, but needs support and encouragement to apply it in a specific way, being able to answer the questions, what?


The impulse is the spontaneous emotional reaction to the impression. In action, the person carries out his or her existence, in the culminating experience of self-actualization by doing what is felt to be needed in the world and for oneself.

Alfried Längle – Wikidata

After identifying the primary emotion and impulse, the therapist helps the client do a phenomenological exploration of their experience. In giving inner consent, one experiences oneself as free.

By stating what happened, when, how, and with whom, a person moves into a concrete admission of the facts. Correspondence concerning this proposal should be addressed to Janelle L. By acting, one alvried personally present. The rest of the board is elected by the delegates of the alfrjed associations. The renewal of humanism in European psychotherapy. How is it for you and for your life?