Get the guaranteed best price on Electronic Drum MIDI Controllers like the Alesis Trigger I/O Percussion Pad to MIDI Interface at Musician’s Friend. Get a low. Find great deals for Alesis Trigger iO Digital Recording Interface. Shop with confidence on eBay!. If you are an acoustic drummer looking to add a few electronic elements to your playing then the Alesis Trigger IO may help. The Trigger IO does not have any.

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The UI is easy. However, they were not velocity sensitive bell strikes. It mounts easily using the same mount plate Roland sells for its TD-modules. The general Good and Bad There are many good things about this unit.

Velocity was a bit too easy to obtain as outline in my first post, but using a GAIN of 0 made the middle velocities a bit too subdued. Cy So, I started with the CY I’m sure everyone appreciates it. The bigger problem was the Edge switch. The edge was triggering with ease! That’s a wrap for now.

Topic: New Ato E conversion with Alesis Trigger IO questions. | Toontrack

I also discovered at this point that when the edge switch does trigger, none of the Piezo signal is used to determine velocity.


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Specially if you do not have a drum machine module or it is just simple. This can be mitigated to a degree with the crosstalk and threshold parameters, though this changes playing response.

The simplest way to use this is by plug-and-play, meaning you can simply plug the USB into your Mac computer or PC and begin playing. And I could do foot chicks and splashes without any problem at all. Additional Product Features Product Type. I could easily trigger both the head and rim, with both being velocity sensitive. More items related to this product.

Once initiated, continuous control variable control of the hihat pedal was fine. And a last question, can i use the variable hall hi-hat system on a alesis? My CY was plugged into the “Crash” input of the unit input 8. Boy, was I wrong.

However, nothing tells you what pad is being edited, or even what zone. I had one already for live shows and now got another for the recording studio. And ez to use. If you are not using a computer or laptop, you can wall-power it.

For beginners wanting to eventually drum to metal, the Alesis is the ideal instrument.

This is just great for the money and starting kits. Pd Triger used the PD in both the Snare input 2 and Tom 2 input 6it didn’t make a difference between them.


Alesis Trigger iO experiences – VDrums Forum

No magic here, just a simple design with a single Piezo. Or I brushed another pad and it changed my editing focus and Triggeg didn’t discover it until I had already started changing parameters for another pad. Alesis Trigger iO experiences Specifically, the custom programming capabilities include everything from sensitivity and MIDI-channel assignment to velocity curve and threshold and pad type.

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Input 10 was no different after dialing up the same settings, but Input 4 labeled Ride was a world of change. Previous 1 2 3 4 10 template Next. ko


I could hear the variable states of my DFHS hihats. All the parameters for triggering are there: Also each input is a triggr input so you can either have two triggers per input. This is a drumming module from Toontrack, and it contains samples of real drumming kits, a virtual mixer, and loop functions, so whether you are just starting out or gigging around the country, you are sure to rock out.

It never changed a thing in my results. Originally posted by grandaddy View Post.