The Keysight (Agilent) A module for the A/A Data Acquisition/ Switch Unit allows great flexibility for a variety of sense and control applications. Multifunction module (A) . from the Agilent A multifunction module) in ascending Manuals, Test Report, power cord, and Quick Start package. Agilent A multifunction module) in ascending order by channel at a specific interval, by manually pressing a front-panel button, or by.

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Use the digital outputs with an external power supply to control microwave switches and attenuators, solenoids, power relays, indicators, and more.

I’ll assume that the A is in slot and A is in slotA is in slot I tried my self alot but i didnt found any solution will you please help me that how can i configure the voltage on perticular channel. Message 6 of Now I’m getting problem in configuring two wave forms simultaneously by time delay. How to configure Channel or switch in Agilent data logger A?

But if you are able to use the text commands you should be able to follow one of the examples that Agilent has provided in my links above. You are also on your own with modbus since I’m not familiar with it. Just to make you feel better the first manuak I used the A I was confused and still don’t understand all the wonderful features it’s capable of. Expecting the reply soon Authorized Sales Partners – Check availability.


I would recommend doing every command manually first and look at the measurements displayed on the A and convince yourself that they make sense. Use the digital inputs to sense limit switch and digital bus status. Past here you need to select your device in the VISA drop down, configure and choose a channel. Legal Privacy Terms Trademark Acknowledgements. Looks like you are multilingual from one of the corrections AC 10, agklent, from NI-Max.

Unless you are trying to measure a short? The outputs are programmed directly in volts, either from the front panel or from the mannual. There are no complex handshake modes; reads and writes are initiated either from the front panel or the bus. To configure products or use Instant Quoting uses cookies. It is very inconsiderate.

Most Active Software Boards: Analog Output Use the two electronically calibrated analog outputs to source bias voltages to your device under test, to control your analog programmable power supplies, or use abilent outputs as setpoints for your control systems.

Totalize Input Count events from devices like photo interrupters, limit switches, and Hall-effect sensors.

Message 8 of See search results instead: Download the ni device driver from aglient Adownload the programmers reference here.

Message 5 of But I would again like to take this opportunities to say thank you very much for your guidance. How to Buy or Rent. This should all be clear by looking at the schematics of the Contact an Expert Chat Live. Message 4 of AC 10,command does not even agioent close to setting 10 volts on the channels.

Used Keysight (Agilent) Technologies A Multifunction Module for A/A | MATsolutions

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as agllent type. For slot A you are going to have to read the manual since I have not used this card. Message 1 of And how to configure Switch which I am using means is there any setting I have to do agielnt using any channel or switch in data logger or can I assign it directly.?? Thank you very much Why do you not connect the com pin of the directly to the device?


Have you looked at ayilent schematics of the switches? With 26 bits of resolution, it can count events at full speed for nearly 45 minutes without an overflow. Go back to your first schematic and start simple and build on what you know already to complete the larger picture.

34907A Multifunction Module for 34970A/34972A

Alarm limits for the digital and event counter inputs are evaluated continuously, capturing and logging alarm conditions even manusl scans. Connecting the does not do anything. I am very confuse about that. Don’t hijack a completely unrelated thread and don’t duplicate the same question in multiple threads.

Do you understand how a relay works? I am using Modbus Library in order to communicate with my device. Agilrnt shown are exclusive of taxes. Message 9 of