Find great deals on eBay for Behringer ADA in Music Recording Interfaces for the Computer. Shop with confidence. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. Buy Behringer ADA Ultragain Pro8 Digital High End 8 Channel A/D and D/A Converter at. Behringer ADA I bought this unit a month ago, and use it with my M-Audio ProFire It has 8 inputs (XLR & jack on each input) on the.

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I used to increase the input and outputs of my sound card for live.

Overview – quick selection. If you have a DAW, the eight channels into Light Pipe will allow you to free up the usual eight channels of analog inputs on your interface for behringe things so you end up with eight channels of digital in and eight channels of analog in or a full sixteen channels of audio input into your computer, which is more than enough to record an average band on separate tracks on a live session or gig.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user behringfr and deliver our services. The main function of this is to hook it up with the ADAT jacks I believe, using them as external preamps, good for someone with an interface that only has a few inputs and wants extra preamps at a ridiculously cheap price.

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The XLR inputs also are Phantom powered so you can save a few bucks on not buying a separate power unit for your Mics. By using our behringrr, you agree to our use of cookies. Log in Become a member. This is an item that I highly recommend you get for your studio or live recording set up.

Ultragain Pro-8 Digital ADA Behringer – Audiofanzine

Did you find this review helpful? Which formats and what the meaning of conversions?

The Behringer ADA is an eight channel digital to analog converter which serves as behinger eight channel Mic pre amp that can convert the signal into eight discreet channels of ADAT Light Pipe audio at twenty four bit for insertion into any DAW that accepts ADAT and it keeps everything in the Digital domain so you get pristine audio sound and behringe best part is, it is affordable.

Considering how cheap this is there is no excuse to be without one if you are looking for more preamps on a budget.

Behringer ADA8000

But the thing I like most about this unit is the price. There is a front mounted gain control on each channel that is used on both inputs so you can control what is going out the other end to your Computer, the ADAT section has both an input and an output making it quite system flexible and the outputs are via eight balanced XLR connectors so if you use it as a Pre Amp or Phantom supply, the eight channels can go right into your main mixer with no worries or effort.


Obviously these are not the best preamps in the world, but if you are simply looking to have more inputs it won’t color the sound too much, and with some good mics it doesn’t sound bad at all. What does all this mean to you?

I expect to listen to the ada preamps midas. Signal conversion can be processed ada80000 Until I upgrade with a few more high end preamps, I’ll be holding onto mine for awhile. Phantom power is not individual quality preamps should not dream that price eur. What are the proposed conversions?