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In second breakdown the device offers only a very low resistance to collector current, and is invariably destroyed if the current is not specially limited by a circuit external to the transistor. Input impedance daatasheet Voltage feedback ratio Small signal current gain Output admittance min.

Operation is allowed under all base-emitter conditionsprovided no limiting values are exceeded. These additions are as follows: The letter V is used to denote a decimal sign.

Thermal resistance from junction to th j-a 25 V 15 V 18 V 10 V 1. The transient thermal impedance curves are also included so that the operating mounting-base temperature datashert be calculated.

The figure below shows a two-port network with the incident and reflected travelling wave quantities a, b, a 2 and b 2which are square roots of power. Therefore the maximum value of Tj— T mb is RATINGS A rating is a limiting condition of usage specified for a device by the manufacturer, beyond which the serviceability may be impaired.

AD162 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

All dimensions da162 mm Collector connected to envelope Accessories available: In this example the SOAR acceptability is considered in the event of the transis- tors being overdriven by a sinewave signal of period jj. EM maX – 2. The case temperature during solderingmust not at any time exceed the maximum storage temperature.


The duty cycle for each equivalent squarewave pulse is calculated, and the Vce and Ic values recorded over the dura- ar162 of the pulse are checked on the appropriate SOAR curve.

Beyond point C the process is generally ‘irreversible whereas up to point C in avalanche the trace can be returned with no serious alteration to the transistor properties. Published curves are usually typical curves and are applicable only at the stated dqtasheet.

Cut-off frequency I C N-P-N Silicon planar types cont. In general, the data provides SOAR curves for pulse durations in multiples of 1, 2, 5, and 10, starting at pulse durations in the region 10 to 50,us. Temperature Tmin. QA 7. All dimensions in mm The circuit configuration is shown in Fig.

Care must be taken to ensure good thermal contact between the transistor and heat sink. Delay time Rise time Storage time Fall time 0. Where the reference terminal or circuit is understood the second subscript may av162 omitted where its use is not required to preserve the meaning of the symbol.

Transistors may be dip-soldered at a solder temperature of C for a maximum soldering time of 5 seconds. The serial number consists of three figures. Omm 36 mmho 3.

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AD Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

The transistor has a very low feedback capacitance and is primarily intended for use in the output stage of television video i.

These values are chosen by the device manufacturer to provide acceptable serviceability of the device, taking no responsibility for variation in equipment or environment, and the effects of changes in operating conditions due to variations in the characteristics of the device datasueet consideration and of all other devices in the equipment.

Operation is allowed during switch-off, provided the transistor is cut-off with -Vt. Without further qualification, the dc value is implied. Torque on nut for dwtasheet heat transfer: Viewed from underside Connections 1.

AD PDF Datasheet, Equivalent part search

SOAR information, and construct the boundaries using the method fully described in the reference TP All Mullard data, including pulsed power ratings, assume the use of square waves and resistive loads.

The various components of the rise of junction temperature above ambient are illustrated below: This ring should not be removed until after the device has been mounted in the circuit. J EM maX – -I dtaasheet.