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The technical committees responsible for ACI committee reports and standards strive to avoid ambiguities, omissions, and errors in these. Aci 08 Pdf Download. Foo. INTRODUCTION /R-1 ACI Building Code and Commentary PREFACE The code portion of. Section of ACI lists important informational items that must be included on design drawings, details, or specifications, including anchorage length.

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Last date and time of receipt of tender form—11 a. The observed levels were a factor of approximately six lower than the measured levels of 135-08 I in the milk of cows eating fresh green for- age at the same location.

Our Palanquin study included specific radioiodine experiments to measure dairy cow inhalation-only uptake, uptake from ingestion of contaminated hay, and uptake from inges.

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Some of the variation in these results may be due to the positioning of the planchets 1-meter above ground and some may be due to sampling errors. Fifteen samples from each stack were collected following the aerosol release. IE2 table 26 cont. An experiment designed to determine correlations among aerial concentrations and deposition on certain forage materials and on soil for a specific aerosol was conducted. Intending tenderers on request will get the tender forms and list of items with specifications from the Office of the undersigned during Office hours.

Then 10 kg of contaminated hay was fed in the same mangers and again the uneaten portions weighed to determine the amount consumed. To generate a dry aerosol tagged with radioiodine.


Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd.

Characteristics of primary interest were the geometric mean diameter and geometric standard deviation. Particle sizes on row 3 slides. Late tenders will not be considered. Figure 35 is a diagram of the Particulate Sampler.

These experiments will be designed to elucidate problems in radioiodine mechanisms of transport through the biosphere and dosimetry under controlled conditions. Iodine activity data for calf thyroid study, cont1 Calf 51 Date Oct.

Figure 37 is a plot of wind direction and wind speed versus time for the morning of the release. These ac similar to dairy barn stanchions but 315-0 on a steel platform for portability. The generator finally chosen is shown in Figure 2. The recount showed that This would have resulted in the peak average contamination also in- creasing by approximately a factor of two with the peak average milk levels being correspondingly increased.

It was later discovered that the reason for this was that the exposure time during enlargement of the group 2 photographs was not of sufficient duration to fully develop the image of the particles in the size range of question.

Engel Holstein dairy cows from the Animal Husbandry Unit were divided into five groups of four each. Results The results of the calf thyroid measurements are set forth in Table 36 along with the daily amounts of radioiodine ingested. Due to the limited number of points and the great scatter, it was not possible to determine a reliable effective half-life for spread green chop.

Cow positions in Well 3 corrals.

Thus, for the experimental conditions of this study, the FRC estimates are quite conservative. The data for this assertion are obviously limited and, therefore, for future exercises more soil samples should be taken and the deposition compared with that on ground level fallout planchets. Stainless steel planchets 4.


SP-066(04): ACI Detailing Manual-2004

Procedure The hay used for the depth study was grown at Milford, Utah, procurred from a local source, and stored at the dairy barn at Well 3 until used. Objectives To operate the Remote Meteorological and Radiological Monitoring System in conditions similar to but somewhat more controlled than those which existed at Station 3, during the Palanquin Event; I to run preliminary field tests on the system’s particulate sampler; to measure the effects of low-level cloud “shine” on the through-side- hole crystal-charcoal cartridge air sampler; to compare the system’s data with other simultaneous measurements by the ESSA formerly USWB.

Particle size from Group 2 photographs 14? The average quantity of nonradioactive hay and green chop consumed by all cows of all groups was 10 kg per day. A surface soil sample was taken at one location.

It is apparent that radioactive iodine from the spread and fresh green chop was not as available to the cow. The dose rate on the backs of the inhalation cows averaged two times that on their legs indicating a low lying aerosol cloud which was 135-08 Z to 3 feet high as it entered the measured area.

Meteorological data, temperature and relative humidity, cont.