Abraham Abulafia has 18 ratings and 3 reviews. Dr. Ursula Williams said: Great instructions for meditation. Great instructions for meditation. If you a. Amidst the rich panoply of Jewish Kabbalah, Abraham Abulafia resonates the most with modern, philosophically minded seekers of direct. the Divine and its relationship with humanity. Abulafia developed a system of meditation whose most conspicuous feature was the invo- cation of “divine names”.

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Labyrinthos, Idel, Moshe. And after you do so put your face against the mentioned Name and imagine that a person stands before you and waits for you to talk with him and he is ready to answer you about everything that you will ask from him. Be one and special and isolate yourself without any other, and sit in the room or in the attic and do not reveal your secret to any man.

Abdes Stitou diez marked it as to-read Mar 14, Mark Bigelow rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Alex M marked it as to-read Jun 13, And in this cause the soul will live a resurrection forever and ever. Kisha Lowenthal marked it as to-read Jul 03, When he receives the influx, let him [then] recite speedily the circle of nname, which is the divine spirit. And return to the matters of the body, and rise from there and eat a little and drink a little and smell a pleasing fragrance and return your spirit to its scabbard until the next time.

There is an organic affinity between the letters and vital organs so that the proper pronunciation of the order tne letters is strictly necessary, Abulafia emphasizes. And then you will know that you have arrived at the degree of receiving the abundance.

Abraham Abulafia: Meditation on the Divine Name

Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism. Yaqaar that there are two stages in the creation process: Know that there are three issues created in man And after you have depicted all of this namd your mind and heart to understand in your thought the many things that will come to you from within the letters computed in your heart, and study all of them or their parts like a person who is told a parable, a riddle or a dream, or as one perusing a topic in a book of wisdom deeper than he can comprehend.


Life in the World to Come. Schocken, A Visual Testimony: And solve the matter that you will hear to the best solution and as close as you can get to it. And in the image of the vowel cholam attracted upwards, chant the vowel chirek i drawn downwards and attract a supernal power to cleave it in you.

Jerusalem, Meditagions, Avraham. Abulafia was unique amongst Jewish mystics in providing precise instructions for personal spiritual practice. Samantha Teichtahl is currently reading it Jun 28, Pia rated it it was amazing Jun 10, Lilian Marino marked it as to-read Nov 13, This is done in combination with various bodily and breathing techniques.

Meditations on the Divine Name

But it had a beautiful beginning. And as if you are the person who has written a divorce to all images of the lowly world, like that given by the person who makes a will before witnesses, commending someone to look after his wife and sons, giving his wealth to xbulafia apart from himself, closing himself off from all kinds of supervision and, transferring all responsibility from himself, has passed and gone away. The Mystery of the Seven Vowels. And the abundance flows onto you and arouses you to many things one after the other.

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Do not differentiate between the breath of the aleph and the breath of onn letter that cleaves to it, apart from one short or long breath. Remember me on this computer.


Meditations on the Divine Name | The Matheson Trust

Jean-Pierre rated it liked it Jul 30, Ktavim Chadashim – New Writings. TheNewMovement marked it as to-read Nov 24, Aug 12, Benjamin Barnes rated it it was amazing.

Purify your heart and soul from all thoughts of this world. Angela marked it as to-read Jul 19, Refresh and try again.

Lanie rated it liked it Apr 16, These particular texts achieved a wide underground circulation amongst Jewish mystic elites despite a abulafoa rabbinical ban on Abulafia promulgated by Shlomo ben Adret. It is the Intellect which is the source of all wisdom, understanding and knowledge, and it is in the likeness of the King of Kings, whom everyone is in very great awe of.

Oct 01, Dr. And if you experience great fear that you cannot bear, prostrate yourself immediately, even while you are in the middle of reciting. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Ktav, Cooper, David A. Sounds True, Cordovero, Moses. Return to Book Page. Campus Verlag, Idel, Moshe. And if you can do this in a house that is a little darkened, do it. From Berlin to Jerusalem: These techniques can provide short, liminal leaps into revelatory states of consciousness and the adept needs a kind of measured boldness to attempt this. And if you feel that your mind is weak in wisdom or Kabbalah or that your conceptions are full of the vanities of the time, do not recite the Name lest you miss the mark and add to your sins.