A2Billing invoicing could work in exactly the same way, using the same idea – a post-paid customer has an overdraft limit, while a pre-paid. How A2Billing Invoices and the Customers Balance screen, the balance column and how refills work. asterisk 2 billing platform. Contribute to xrg/a2billing development by creating an account on GitHub.

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A2Billing : VOIP Billing, Softswitch & Calling Cards Software

The customer doesn’t have to paid the receipts, as it has already ve been done. Actually the latter happens in both cases. In respect of the customer being able to close their own invoice, and given the number of objections to that feature in this thread, I do not think that is necessary now, and and may cause support issues, particularly if they infoice pressing the button, they will end up with dozens of invoices.

We will come up with an estimate of how much work is involved after we get your comments. The Balance carried forward comes from a2billiny total net charges, less the total net payments in the previous month. With this approach, the customer can pay as much or as little as he wishes, and as long as he does not exceed his credit limit at any point, the calls will keep flowing.

Tue Feb 02, 8: A partial payment is just added to the current invoice as a crediit Here is a suggestion on how an invoice should have as items. Order Assistant helps you to automate order management process.

Invoices | A2Billing

I am not sure I understand the diff from option 1 or 2. Sun Jan 31, 5: He gets round to paying his invoice on the 10th of the month. For instance, when a DID billing or recurring service is performed, credit from the customer’s balance will be deduced and a receipt will be created to keep a trace, not an invoice cause no payment a2bililng related to it. Since one can not make changes to a line a2bioling on it, a correction must be created to fix any discrepancy thus documenting every transaction.

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Lets start with a simple example: There are two approaches to invoicing in accounting.

This time you have presented “the right concept” of telecom invoicing. So in both cases the record should be the same.

I think that as long as the system is setup to close AND pay the exact amount on the invoice PLUS any balance, should not have any coding nightmare no? Before a2billin the time to do an assessment of hours and cost on this, we really need more affirmation that this is the right way forward.

A2Billing – PostPay, Invoices and Customers Balances

Those objects are very important for the invoice module. Invoices During the billing process of a customer, 2 types of object are generated: Can some of those items be consolidated under on menu or maybe removed? Invoice items may not be edited in terms of amounts, as to change the amount would put it out of sync with the Outstanding balance. The customer should not have the ability to close a record earlier than the cycle.


It creates an receipt for all charges already paid since the last billing 3. Services are disconnected when the customer exceeds his credit limit – e. The key to this is that anything that changes the customer’s balance must be written to the customer’s preview invoice, or the system falls down, and you do not have an audit invoicce. Hi Thank you for your attention and your reply. I guess this would also be more useful if you add subscriptions to the service, because then your invoices will not just be for monthly call usage.

The balance from that invoice is recorded, and a new preview invoice prepared, with the first line being the balance carried forward from the previous month. The only issue that I can see is that this may cause some unexpected load during the day for busy customers.

Sun Invvoice 24, 7: In terms of maintenance – option one would require two processes – 1.


The above is just my thoughts. Previous topic Next topic. A set up fee or an ATA for example. It is quite a big coding job, as every single item ivoice changes the balance recurring a2biloing, DID, Subscription, charge, refill, payment, CDR, plus a few I may have forgotten has to write a record to a transaction table, and from that, the invoices can be generated, which is another big coding job. If the invoice day correspond to the current date the following process will be applied: Then the whole process starts again.

Pre-pay billing is where A2Billing is aimed, but what about post-pay billing, which is also an option? Hopefully you will get it this time as I can tell from your proposed concept that you are heading in a2bikling right direction. Option a2billinf expects an invoice to be created, and then paid in full. It can automatically accept Pending Orders; send an email or open a ticket with client; and cancel the order if no payment is made still.

I expect no one to pay an invoice that they have questions and a ticket will come if there are any. One disadvantage is that different types of service attract different levels of VAT, this will not be easy to include in the current version of A2Billing, as it is an accounts based system, but I am sure there are a2billnig arounds which can carry is through to the next version of A2Billing, where we can write this requirement in from the ground up.

Receipt is just a complementary of information for the customer.

We will reference 2 sections of A2Billing at each stage: Corrections can be made by adding a line credit or debit onto the invoice during the billing period, which is either negative or positive. Users browsing this forum: More after further digestion. This really works for me.