A Nation in Making: Being the Reminiscences of Fifty Years of Public Life. Front Cover. Sir Surendranath Banerjea. Oxford University Press, – India – Sir Surendranath Banerjee (Bengali: সুরেন্দ্রনাথ বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়) (10 November – 6 Banerjee was soon dismissed for making a minor judicial error. and he went on to write the widely acclaimed A Nation in Making, published in In the end, Banerjea lost his job by committing a serious judicial mistake. Sir Surendranath Banerjea (), a foremost political leader of Bengal, dedicated his life to opposing colonialism through moderate but.

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Sir Surendranath Banerjea (Author of A Nation in Making)

The Indian Association supplied a real need. We had an akra Indian gymnasium in our own house with a palwan trained Indian gymnast to teach us the various forms of Indian athletic exercises. Anderson was appointed Joint Magistrate of Sylhet. My reply was makijg and decisive.

Internet URLs are the best. But I began at once to take a part in public affairs. For, after all, the health and physique of a nation is the first condition of national progress. Menu e-Paper Age on Sunday.

The truth is, that the Indian method of reckoning the age of a man is different from that followed among Englishmen. They will no doubt deny the charge or repudiate the credit ; but they certainly sow the seeds which, in syrendranath fulness of surendraanath, ensure the enthronement of popular opinion and the triumph of popular causes. It was with this new spirit that my father was saturated.

My father was helping me in every way, but the fact had to be carefully concealed from my mother, and when at last On the eve of my departure the news had to be broken to her, she fainted away under the shock of what to her was terrible news.

He it was who rescued the Cossimbazar Estate from forfeiture, and under his wise counsels the Maharani Swarnamoyee applied its vast resources to acts of private charity and public usefulness, which during her lifetime made her name a household word in Bengal. I was the youngest member of the Deputation, but I represented the greatest Indian paper in the country.

Gandhi Mukherjee Shinde Kharge. The regulations for the Open Competitive Examination for the Civil Service of India then in force required that a candidate should be above nineteen, and below twenty-one, years of age.

A nation in making: There was a further charge, that I had dishonestly disposed of the case about Judisthir and acquitted him to avoid an explanation. Trump was a real-estate developer and businessman….


The sentiment was greeted with cheers, it was palpably so noble and so instinct with the consciousness of duty to an unrepresented dependency.

He was rising into a good practice at the Bar, but his heart was in the work of the country ; and I have no doubt in my mind that his divided attention between the Bar and his public duties interfered with his professional success. The Seven Tanks and Belgatchia Gardens were in those days the favourite centres of public functions organized by the Bengalee community. Be that as it may, the educated community in Bengal was roused to a sense of anxiety and alarm at the Vernacular Press Act, and the manner of its enactment.

Their work lies buried in the forgotten columns of sirendranath newspapers.

A Nation In Making

The old man received us with kindness, but he promised us only one-half of what we wanted. My grandfather was violently opposed to it ; my father was as eager in its support.

The mantle of Elijah has not fallen upon Elisha. The personal wrong done to me was an illustration of the helpless impotency of our people. A friend, now dead, who achieved considerable distinction as a member of the Calcutta Bar, advised me in a sympathetic vein that I should change my name, go to Australia and seek out a career there for myself.

This is not the only time that I have had to perform a public duty under the weight of a great personal bereavement.

Banerjea became more moderate in his political sensibilities as time progressed. It was felt that a demonstration there would be far more impressive and telling than one held in any other place in Upper India. But I have a vivid recollection of the emotions that overwhelmed me.

Bonnerjea, who had been written to by Mr. I leave it to the reader to judge which of the two inferences is the more rational. He secured a place for himself among the successful candidates in The lesson thus learnt was to be confirmed and deepened by subsequent events to which I shall refer later on, and it found its culminating expression in the Congress movement. I freely confess that I have a genuine admiration for those great institutions which have helped to build up English life and the fabric of British constitutional freedom.

That will not do in London. The trouble was largely due to misunderstanding, as it is all the world over. I rejoice with them in their joys, I grieve with them in their sorrows, and they reciprocate the sentiment with the generous enthusiasm of youth. I always set a high value upon my educational work and put it in the forefront of my activities.


Full text of “A Nation In Making”

In the case of a very young and inexperienced officer like myself, delay in the disposal of cases would be regarded by the superior authorities as a fault of the Pcshkar or ministerial servant rather than of the officer, whom he is expected to guide and lead in matters of office procedure.

All three of us Romesh Chunder Dutt, Behari Lai Gupta and myself stayed in our homes, and the Hindoo Patriotthe leading Hindu journal of the time, edited by Kristo Das Pal, announced that we had been received back into the bosom of our homes and Hindu society. We had no casket, for we could get none made at Delhi within the time allotted.

Neither the allurements of wealth nor the prospects of an easy and comfortable living diverted them from their firm and traditional resolve to uphold the integrity of their status.

I well remember the stir and agitation which the movement produced and how orthodox Hindus were up in arms against it. We thus had an opportunity of studying English life and English institu- tions at close quarters, to the mutual advantage of both English- men and ourselves.

Mellish said that this was the first instance in which a native of India — necessarily at a very great disadvantage — had succeeded in this examination ; and it would be most unfortunate if he should be unfairly defeated on such a ground as this.

All this led to an alienation makinf the Magistrate and myself and the suspension of all friendly and personal relations. Among the Indian candidates who competed with us for the Indian Civil Service in was another remarkable man whose early death deprived the world of a Sanskrit scholar of great promise — I mean Anandaram Barua.

I left the Metropolitan Institution in March, I purchased for him at Calcutta the first press for the Tribune newspaper and to me he entrusted the duty of selecting the first editor. I was dazed, overpowered and lay half stunned.

Taking up a particular chapter, I have sometimes found it more convenient to close it and begin a new one, some of the events related being of prior date.

This was the basic reason for his becoming a nationalist.