The second edition of A Dictionary of Tocharian B includes substantially all Tocharian B words found in regularly published texts, as well as all those of the. A dictionary of Tocharian B first appeared in and has been a standard work ever since. It combines very successfully and practically a diachronic. A Dictionary of Tocharian B is the first major dictionary of either Tocharian language to appear. It attempts to include all known Tocharian B words.

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Included are also a reverse English-Tocharian B index and, another innovation to this edition, a general index verborum of Indo-European cognates. Not with Ivanov Extra-Tocharian connections, if any, are uncertain.

Another possibility, following a suggestion of Specht’s See also perhaps auso. The exact semantic agreement of OHG and Tocharian is striking. Very difficult is K. Thus we have a verbal root dictionarj – otherwise unknown. Meillet in Hoernle, For a suggestion, VW: The same semantic development is to be seen in Cree and Ojibwa cf.

None of these explanations is particularly compelling from either the semantic or morphological point of view.


Adams, Douglas Q.: A Dictionary of Tocharian B. Revised and Greatly Enlarged, Vol. I–II

He was co-author with James P. Revised and Greatly Enlarged.

VW rightly remains agnostic. A bat is not a bird of prey and the semantics seem very unlikely. The PIE paradigm would appear to have been nom. Similar is Hilmarsson, All in all, a solid achievement that should earn the author our congratulations and gratitude.

See also possibly kus- and kutk. See also plu-and plew. For the identification of karsesee Adams, a: Pedersen apud VW, Zimmer emphasizes that all reflexes of this word have as the focus of their meaning the castrated draft ox rather than the bull. English Tocharian B reverse index.

A dictionary of Tocharian B

However, remembering that what is transcribed as ng – in the Archaic Chinese is actually not a cluster but a dorso-velar nasal, the phonological equation becomes much less appealing. The resemblance between Tocharian and Germanic in this case is remarkable. Neither suggestion carries conviction.

Again the vowel would be from tot. The semantic equation, however, is by no means self-evident. In each case, both terms of the correlation are tochwrian by particles.

A Dictionary of Tocharian B (2 Vols.) – Revised and Greatly Enlarged Edition

Perhaps with VW From its place of origin in dictionqry accusative plural the cluster – nk – is occasionally extended to the accusative singular alyenkthe nominative plural alyainkand the feminine accusative singular alyenka. Nor with Hilmarsson In none of these cases is the formal or semantic equation exceptionally strong.


Thus we have at 4a4: See also ke u. If you had a personal account on the old platform, click here.

Proto-Indo-European had a number of particles beginning with a velar of some sort that would be suitable antecedents, e. I entreat thee and call to thee with a wish! To the evidence of Celtic for such a weak stem w probably be added that of Anatolian.

Each word is dictionarh in all its various attested morphological forms, in its variant spellings, and discussed semantically, syntactically where appropriateand etymologically. The vowel – o – is generalized from the nom.