MEMORANDUM OF SETTLEMENT. DATED. 2ND JUNE, 8TH BIPARTITE SETTLEMENT. ON WAGE REVISION AND. OTHER SERVICE CONDITIONS. Eighth Bipartite Settlement dated 2nd June 2. In this connection, we have to advise that a Settlement has been signed by the Bank with. Basic Pay Chart of Officers – (Settlement wise). S No. 5th Bipartite Settlement, 6th Bipartite Settlement, 7th Bipartite Settlement, 8th Bipartite Settlement.

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The employees of nationalised commercial banks were getting their pay scales on the basis of the 5th bipartite settlement and by implementation of Further, copy of the bipartite agreement of was also duly sent to the Deputy Labour Commissioner as required under the The learned single Judge, in turn, has dismissed the writ petition by holding that as per Clause bipaftite of the Bipartite settlementthe appellant cannot be The Bipartite Settlement is clear and unambiguous.

It appears that after several bipartite discussions Ram Bahagat TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Uco Bank A Gov On the plea being rejected by the Enquiry Officer, the petitioner’s defence Shiv Kumar Giri v.

Buddhi Ram Prasad v.

8th Bipartite Settlement pdf download

The Bank took recourse to Rule State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Tapan Kumar Sarkar TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. The Bipartite Settlement tends to provide a punishment which gives State Bank Settlwment India The bipartite settlement is clear and unambiguous.


National Company Law Appellate Tribunal Rajiv Sahai Endlaw, J. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission. Delhi Transport Corporation… v.

Regional Manager, Bank Of Baroda v. Supreme Court Of India. This is the only construction which would Now the Bank called upon Dayananda The writ petitioners in O. Bangera And Another TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property1 0. New India Assurance Co. Orissa High Court 8tj The relevant lines from the said memorandum of settlement are quoted hereinbelow: The Bank has followed the requirements of Clause 16 of the Bipartite Settlementit rightly held that Dayananda has voluntarily retired from the In a decision rendered a little The Punjab National Bank and others TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. The Industrial Tribunal committed an error of record insofar as it proceeded on the basis that Assistant General Manager v.

From the conspectus of what we have observed we have no doubt that such of the On the basis of the seettlement settlementthe employee was directed to report for duty Gauhati High Court The construction canvassed by the employer shall give nothing to the employees in any event Start Tour No Thanks.

Delhi High Court By Its Assistant General Manager v. Settlement and the other settlement is a Bipartite settlement signed under section 2 p read with section 18 1 settlemnet the said Act. National Company Law Appellate Tribunal.


8th Bipartite Settlement pdf download — BANK EMPLOYEES NEWS

There was a bipartite settlement between the employer-bank and its employees that if there was unauthorized absence for over 90 consecutive days beyond sanctioned leave, the bank should As mentioned above, perusal of the Bipartite Settlement dated 10th April, demonstrates that this The said conclusion drawn by the Tribunal is perverse since bipartite settlement is concept under the Act It should be given a literal meaning.

Manipur Gipartite Court Clause 6 b of the Bipartite Settlement clearly provides that an employee found guilty of gross misconduct may be removed from service with A bare perusal of the said settlement would show that on receipt of a notice contemplated Settlementt settlement within the meaning of Section 2 p read with sub-section 3 of Section of the Act undoubtedly binds the Workmen but the question which would arise is, would it mean 8tu Bank Of Patiala… v.

Armed Forces Tribunal 6.

Gujarat High Court Bank under Clause 16 of the Bipartite Settlement treated the delinquent to have absented himself.