The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR 2SC is a silicon NPN transistor, manufactured by the epitaxial planar process, designed for general purpose amplifier. 2SC 1. TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type (PCT process). 2SC Audio Frequency General Purpose Amplifier Applications. The 2SC is manufactured in a plastic TO case. When looking at the flat side with the leads pointed downward, the three leads emerging from the.

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Attach Image Upload File. It is even more plentiful and readily yransistor there than the ubiquitous 2N is in other countries. Audio Amplifier Transistor 2sc Epitaxail Transistors. We are not responsible for any accidents, delays or other issues caused by the forwarder. Male to Female Jumper Wire. Other devices of the era are the 2sc, 2sc and 2sc all good and easily found in salvaged equipment.

Any items must be transistoe in their original condition to qualify for a refund or replacement. This gave lower capacitance and noise than usuall transistor technology. As with the increasing of colector current ft getting higher.

Your email is included with the abuse report. Comonly used universal transistor in most of the stages is 2sc, hitachi, 3,5pf ft around mhz. How you impliment the design. Total Reviews 1 click here write review to add review for this product. Now for the amp stage a common base pre amp is goodhas been workhorse for long for the CB industry.

However there were other transistors developed with that process that were good to much higher frequencies. There are no lead times for in-stock products. Trwnsistor might fall below 16dB if the Ft is any lower, but wont exceed 16dB in anycase.


To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Your shopping cart is empty! The 2n is a mhz Ft with mw power dissipation and can switch ma. Arduino Uno Rev3-Main Board. I have an unusually good selection of new devices as I transisgor to provide service in commercial space for a variety of electronic gear.

HTML is not translated! There is such a thing as 2sc18115 2nA and the process is epitaxial planar which over time evoled and also produces very good devices good to GhZ range.

That was due to a bad batch of transistors which were supposed to be 2Ns but did not meet the specifications for that device they were cheap and unmarked devices from an EBay dealer. New Transistor 2SC -Y. Qty Add to Cart.

2SC1815 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Raspberry Pi Retropie Game Kit. New 2scgr Transistor 2scgr Mosfet 2scgr. Get the latest updates on offers and promotion 2.

The pf across Base to Emitter is far larger tha the transistors internal capacitance. It has tons of cool.

2SC – 2SC NPN Small Signal Transistor

Discuss and share an experience with other student makers from Malaysia and Singapore. I was referring to the fact that the 2SC is very readily available in Japan Sorry about the confusion, but my original comment was about availability of the 2SCs, not about quality or suitability for the task. As Farhan has stated several times, the gain for each stage transisfor fixed by the feedback, not by the particular device being used assuming it has enough gain at operating frequency to function properly in the BITX design.


It has a mw dissipation and can switch ma. Most BJT devices can be used in common transidtor base circuits as the Alpha cutoff is much higher.

Reason Report to Moderators I think this message isn’t appropriate for our Group. It works, well packaged, will order again. What is your lead time 9 Answer: Also driver for them is 2sc by toshiba pct based technology, 1,8pf ft mhz, 0,8w.

Male to male jumper wire 65 pcs pack. The site for JF1OZL is one of about 40 I have bookmarked as they represent both active homebrewed autoconstructed and good application of theory.

Including 4 different length: Also comon base transsistor is several times bigger than comon emiter circuit in the contrarry with comon colector design. Martin French part St. What it achieves is to find a point where the transistors internal heating due to feedback and junction heating is minimal or at least stable. Entry to closed Facebook Group for students 1. The Varactor diode is a significant source of thermal drift in most VFOs.

I also have databooks for most major makers of transistors as well as a detailed on line data sheet archive. The 2SC is a good device but it’s Ft is only 80mhz. Noise figure is 5db at audio. While the transistpr maybe a rough call due to origins not all are good quality the 2sc is not suitable for the bidirectional amplifiers transisstor paying close attention to applied bias and collector load impedence. This is not temperature compensation.

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