NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor for. Switching and Amplifier Applications. • RoHS compliance. Mechanical Data. Case: SOT, Plastic Package. The 2N is a common NPN bipolar junction transistor (BJT) used for general purpose depend on the manufacturer, case type, and variation. Therefore, it is important to refer to the datasheet for the exact part number and manufacturer. PNA. SMALL SIGNAL NPN TRANSISTOR. PRELIMINARY DATA s. SILICON EPITAXIAL PLANAR NPN. TRANSISTOR s. TO PACKAGE SUITABLE FOR.

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The slightly lower of the two voltages will correspond to the collector-base 22222aand the other will be the emitter-base junction. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? The maximum amount of current that could flow through the Collector pin is mA, hence we cannot connect loads that consume more than mA using this transistor.

If it is to replace a shorted transistor, we will never know if both are the same ebc configuration between your new 2N and the old 2N KSPA can allow collector current upto mA and also has power dissipation of mW which can be used to drive larger loads than compared with BC When base current is removed the transistor becomes fully off, this stage is called as the Cut-off Region and the Base Emitter voltage could be around mV.

I am trying to figure out what is going on here. The BC is a low voltage, low current, general-purpose switching transistor in a TO package. This transistor will make it forward biased and thus closes the connection between collector and emitter. When base current is removed the transistor becomes fully off, this stage is called as the Cut-off Region.


2NA Pinout, Features, Equivalent & Datasheet

Hence the 2N pin-out is sadly not standardized. Replacements for the 2N are commonly available now in the cheaper TO packaging, where it is known dagasheet the PN or P2N, which has similar specifications except for the lower maximum collector current.

Learn to keep an eye open for the following transistors, as they’re among the most useful, inexpensive, and popular types: With it wired the wrong way round the emitter is more positive than the collector and the base is reverse biased. One of the most default and primary function of a transistor is to act as a switch.

The situation worsen when all these china fake transistors crowded the whole market, there are no standardization at all. Therefore, it is important to refer to the datasheet for the exact part number and manufacturer.

I have used a base voltage of 5V and a value of 1K as current limiting resistor.

TL — Programmable Reference Voltage. However this type of amplifiers have many drawback and if you are looking for some serious amplification applications then you should look into Op-Amps which are nothing but a package of many transistors put to gather with amplification as its sole purpose.

PN2222A Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

No other pin will show that. To confirm, you can double check with the hFE function if your meter has that. Absolute maximum rating for emitter-base voltage is 6V hence the E-B junction broke down and started conducting.


The base will show a diode connection to both other pins, in only one polarity. You have to try each of the three pins to the two others, with both polarities 6 datsaheet of tests. TL — 22222a Reference Voltage.

It was originally made in the TO metal can as shown in the picture. Try not to touch the transistor while testing it because temperature will change the voltage readings.

ST Microelectronics

In this type of circuit, the Emitter and the Base pin of the transistor should be commonly connected to a same voltage, so we have connected it to the Ground potential using two resistors R4 and R3. When I apply a voltage between the pin 1 to 3, as soon as the voltage rises over about 8V, the current starts to flow, even when the base has no voltage pulled down or floatingand the transistors gets pretty hot.

It can be even worse, since the On Semi PN has the conventional pinout, despite being the same manufacturer and mostly same specifications: Spehro Pefhany k 4 The JEDEC registration of a device number ensures particular rated values will be met by all parts offered under that number. KSPA has a gain value of tothis value determines the amplification capacity of the transistor.

You can have up to 3 types of configurations.