I will begin by saying that the original Cult of Ecstasy Tradition Book was my favorite of The Cult of Ecstasy aren’t just the “party mages” one might expect from. When the mages get to the party, though, they find out that there’s a very specific point to all the revelry. The Cult of Ecstasy does use things like drugs and music. When interfaced with the Lakishim the mage is briefly like unto a god, and can Cult of Ecstasy mages only suffer half the penalty of other mages for having.

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Cult of Ecstasy – Reality Deviants ~ A Mage: The Ascension Story

The Cult of Ecstasy does use things like drugs and music and even sex, but they’re just means to an end. Usually mabe indulgence has some sort of downside. To surpass one’s limits, one must move beyond the barriers of comfort and tranquility. Deadhead, extreme athlete, exotic dancer, musician, nature boy, transcendentalist, yogi. The Cult of Ecstasy breaks down barriers and self-imposed limitations to give people a rush of eye-opening experience.

However, the enlightened K’an Lu see the need for a balance between discipline and excess, so they too practice martial arts, meditation, trances and discipline. Deadhead, extreme athlete, exotic dancer, musician, nature boy, transcendentalist, yogi Stereotypes Akashic Brotherhood: This liberation both fascinated and terrified the more conservative Traditions, who alternately reviled and wondered at the Ecstatics’ practices and powers.

Magic To the Cult of Ecstasy, Magic is rooted in sensation.

When they do choose to fight, however, the Cultists can be some of the most effective and unnerving foes in existence, as their mastery of the time-stream allows them to react to tactics with uncanny accuracy or even pre-empt their enemies entirely. It’s a Black Celebration. From black-tie events where people lose themselves in a lovely Opera to a rave in a black and neon nightclub that smells of sweat, desperation and wild abandon.

Nowadays, it would seem that the unabashed hedonism of many societal subcultures especially youth-oriented ones would fall right into the Cult’s designs, but such is not quite the case.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Cult draws more new mages ecstazy any other Tradition, at first, because of its reputation as a gang of hippies.

Paradigm Summary: Cult of Ecstasy

Outsiders see them indulge in all manner of excesses without reservation, then turn around and discuss the roots of that behavior and other serious issues without seeming to miss a beat. Weaknesses The problem of the Cult of Ecstasy lies in just how potent their tools are. The Cultists preach joy, compassion, pure emotion and respect for the passions of others in order to guide young Cultists along the path to enlightenment and learn to understand the views of others.

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If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. There exist a few small sects within the Cult, primarily of extremists or those who feel the usefulness of some organization.

Engaging in bloody rune-carving and dangerous traps reminiscent of the Norse deity Loki, they personify the madness that runs through the chaotic side of Scandinavian myth. True, many artists are members of the Cult, but the Tradition accepts anyone who’s willing to try new and unexplored paths of enlightenment, artistic or otherwise.

These Cultists maintain ties with the modern descendants of the fae and initiate their members through the wild parties of the satyrs. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The ecstatic state is just a mind open to new experiences because it’s released from the confines of self-imposed limits. Members of the Society indulge in a wide range of criminal sometimes almost terrorist activities and argue for the overthrow of the stifling chains of society.

What’s more, their mastery of Time magic is often as much of a curse as it is a blessing. You hire yourself out to damn near anyone, having fought vampires, other mages, cyborgs and things too weird to even put a name on.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Theories and Practices Each Ecstatic has her favorite tools. The Seers would accept no limits — not from themselves, from society or from any gods.

Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. While members may seem on the surface to be totally without center, the Ascejsion actually searches for those with a very strong sense of self, however well hidden this strength may be.

The Cult of Ecstasy is perhaps one of the easiest Traditions to understand on the surface, but possess one of the most profound paradigms in the entire world of Mage: Entire communities took up the whirling, fatiguing practices of seers, while in other areas hermit-like proto-Ecstatics lived as mystery men who uttered cryptic pronouncements and lived apart from the press of mundane humanity.

That said, though, many Ecstatics lean toward some combination of drugs and music. Cultists aren’t drug dealers and they aren’t pimps. Even though the Cult of Ecstasy encourages the use of tools in achieving altered states, no Cultist would ever force drugs, sex or any other experience on another person.


Music, meditation, sex, drugs, fasting, dance, martial arts, exercise, incense, performance Tradition Advantage: Because the Ecstatics understand that no boundary is permanent, they are able to see that there are always new ways to achieve goals and new ways to live their lives.

When the mages get to the party, though, they find out that there’s a very specific point to all the revelry. Some things just work better for some people than others. Only those who are at peace with themselves and their desires have the strength to truly throw themselves into their passions without getting lost.

In the pressing throng of humanity sharing a common beat, these muses reach out for the primal pulse of the mob. To them, the heartbeat of many people moves beyond the mind of the one; the actions taken in the heat of frenzied dance reflect basic human impulse unfettered by reasoning or prudish mores.

Prophetic and insightful, they expanded their minds through exhausting ritual and dangerous substances, all in the pursuit of ultimate awareness. Ecstatic quests for transcendence — and the Cult of Ecstasy itself — have a long history, from the Bacchantes’ dances and the Sufi Muslims’ whirling to aboriginal vision quests. No mage who has felt the pain of the Earth or of the child down the street could bring herself to hurt an innocent.

The closest the Cult comes to a formal structure lies in its Code of Ananda, the proverbs of bliss that teach joy, compassion, sacred emotion and respect for others’ passions in a sort of ethical guide that encourages each Cultist to embrace the differences of others. Chantry houses tend to resemble community hangouts, jam-session rooms or fraternity houses more than magical workplaces, and they’re often inhabited by several Cultists and a handful of Sleepers.

The Cult originated in India as the Seers of Chronos then spread quickly across the world, adapting to the cultures it encountered and their ideas about experience and transcendence. Broad possibilities… the spirit is ‘ willing, but the flesh is flaccid. But, man, they have some seriously good shit….