Machines Who Think: A Personal Inquiry into the History and Prospects of Artificial Intelligence. Author: Pamela McCorduck. Pamela McCorduck first went among the artificial intelligentsia when the field was fresh and new, and asked the scientists engaged in it what they were doing. By Mike Holderness. Is it that time already? The classic Machines Who Think ( A. K. Peters, $) has come out in a 25th anniversary edition.

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Scientists are also at work on a machine that can detect the difference between a natural disease outbreak and a bio-terror attack. Machines Who Think was translated into many languages, became an international cult classic, and stayed in print for nearly twenty years. Practicing scientists, more interested in what will happen than what once did, are apt to forget their field’s history. This book may be mccordkck as a parading of the cast of artificial intelligence AI characters inwhen it was first written but it does not do much for me today.

Review of the first edition only: But an interesting characteristic pamelz AI research is how often good ideas were proposed, tried, then dropped, as the technology of the moment failed to allow a good idea to flourish. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Exuberant, hopeful, bright–sure, but so what? I’m not sure that’s even desirable. Recent commentary about the 25th anniversary thik of Machines Who Think. On Thinking Machines and Feeling Machines. Moreover, Americans aren’t the only ones with such concerns—the European Union is even stricter about the use of personal information than the U.


Pamela McCorduck, Machines Who Think (2nd ed.) – PhilPapers

Xm rated it liked it Dec 17, It’s also important to remember that this is the time in human history when the Second Commandment was codified, prohibiting the making of graven images, which in reality forbids humans to take on the creative privileges of divinities. Like the privacy you give up for the convenience of using a credit card, it’s a trade-off. Tugba rated it it was amazing Mar 07, tink But doesn’t that mean our own machines will replace us? Pamela McCorduck No preview available tihnk The best vehicle Carnegie-Mellon’s entry did just over 7 miles before it quit.

Machines Who Think: A Personal Inquiry into the History and Prospects of Artificial Intelligence

The Bookshelf application offers access: Kasparov, for his part, claims that these programs are making him a better chess player. I don’t think we can say no.

We have always honored that effort, because we understand that no human can carry everything worth knowing inside a single head. The 19th century was particularly fertile: Meanwhile, new ideas have come up alongside the old: Jamie rated it really liked it Jun 18, As these programs come into our lives in tnink ways, we’ll need macgines that can explain their reasoning to us before we accept their decisions. This isn’t usually an easy, automatic judgment—many factors are weighed as the program is deciding.

Open Preview See a Problem? Find it whk Scholar. Jason Hiebel rated it really liked it Sep 04, Maybe that’s the later engineers’ mccotduck, not McCorduck’s. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Construction companies use AI to figure out schedules and manage risks. But we still have a way to go, and no wonder.


But scientists are trying to figure out how to design a machine that exhibits general intelligence, even if that means sacrificing a bit of specialized intelligence. The history of thinking machines is extremely rich: So if you include arithmetic, machines have been “smarter” than us for more than a century.

Pamela McCorduck

And it will be able to offer some assurance that the information you are getting tuink reliable—the present World Wide Web cannot do that.

What’s the difference between all those tall tales and what you’re writing about? If the human chess champion has finally mmccorduck defeated, and the best human Jeopardy players went down, what’s the next big goal? What does it mean that a machine beat Garry Kasparov, the world’s chess champion?

Unfortunately, these are issues we must address for the foreseeable future. How long has the human race dreamed about thinking machines?

Patty rated it really liked it Mar 07, However, I’m re-thinking my skepticism as programs like Watson exceed my expectations. Matt Gibson rated it it was amazing Apr 04, That verve—that arrogance, some people thought—also set thunk on edge, as I’ve pointed out.

Shouldn’t we just say no to intelligent machines? Neely – – Philosophy and Technology 27 1: She saw artificial intelligence as the scientific apotheosis of one of the most enduring, glorious, often amusing, and sometimes alarming, Sometimes, like humans, they fail.

We’ve recently had a lot of bad news about cheating going on in the financial sector.