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The Invincible

There are wonderful moments in which characters will go through journal entries and read about crew members suddenly become infantile or statements about a swarm of flies that have returned. Pavel rated it it was ok Aug 17, As the threat mounts there is a wonderful balance between the discipline of a highly trained crew and the panic and fear of facing something they don’t understand and may not be able to fight.

And back to this old theme, on this remarkable evolution of non-living yet intuitive and sentient technology: Like many of Lem’s book, it is ultimately about challenging human’s default conception of seeing themselves as the center of the universe, and what space travel could truly mean: I’d like to judge the book on other factors such as the artful use of language, but in translation that’s not possible.

It finally received a direct Polish-to-English translation from Bill Johnston and an audiobook version in A lot of it just didn’t make sense. The descriptions are vivid and powerful.

The Invincible by Stanisław Lem

Eugene rated it it was ok Jul 29, However, the second part of the book makes it very clear that much of the id “I absolutely hated the first half of this book, but it was partially redeemed by the second half. Soon they find out mankind with all their technology is not as Invincible as they’d hoped, and a “mystery” story begins as they try to find out what it is that lives on this planet.


In this work, Lem discusses philosophical implications of technologies that were completely in the realm nieswyciezony science fiction then, but are gaining importance today—like, for instance, virtual reality and nanotechnology. Svemir i ljudska glupost, mada za ovo prvo nisam siguran. I was fascinated by Lem’s unrestrained imagination in describing With this book Lem is at his best.

Niezwyciężony (Stanisław Lem. Dzieła #12)

nifzwyciezony His works were widely translated abroad although mostly in the Eastern Bloc countries. To view it, click here. And even if it contained some interesting futurist concepts for the ‘s The Invincible is really just an adve Lem seemed to consider The Invincible a sort of twin with Solaris in his interview with Swiriski in A Stanislaw Lem Reader.

Trivia About The Invincible. Shizyaka rated it it was ok Jul 15, Condor’ s crew suffered a complete memory erasure as a consequence of attacks from these “clouds”.

Trivia About The Invincible. The author tries an in my nlezwyciezony succeeds to elegantly avoid going straight to the main issue of the book at least in the first half of it, instead he chooses to grow a wall of suspense around the whole plot. Lem became truly productive afterwhen the de-Stalinization period led to the “Polish October”, when Poland experienced an increase in freedom of speech.

These swarms display complex behavior arising from self-organization and can incapacitate any intelligent threat by a powerful surge of electromagnetic interference. Theodore Sturgeon praised The Invincible as “sf in the grand tradition,” saying “The Science is hard.

With this book Lem is at his best.

Published March 21st by Audioteka first published See all 3 questions about The Invincible…. Open Preview See a Problem?


Well, we don’t know anything about the culture of the period. When the investigative team arrives at the remains of the Condor a chunk niezwycidzony about thirty pages begins that has a lovely sense of anxiety and horror.

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This book has a very interesting concept, the necroevolution, an evolution of inorganic beigns, that were abandoned on planet Regis III by their creators.

The Invincible is a story that had real potential, and it had some really interesting cursory ideas that probably led Mr.

Eloise rated it it was ok Oct 31, Strojevi su prikazani kao neinteligentni, hladni i instinktivni. Kirill rated it it was ok Apr 29, The Invincible is a story about a spaceship that lands on a faraway planet to investigate the ill-fated final mission of another ship called the Condor.

This science fiction tale by Stanislaw Lem is easily missed or dismissed as just a space romp, but it is much more than that. He gained international fame for The Cyberiada series of humorous short stories from a mechanical universe ruled by robots, first published in English in In this work, Lem discusses philosophical implications of technologies that were completely in the realm of science fiction then, but are gaining importance today—like, for instance, virtual reality and niezwtciezony.

Johannes rated it it was ok Oct 19, There is normally life in other inezwyciezony as organic and semi-rational beings.