Le Horla (). February 16, Some say that Maupassant was himself half insane at the time of its writing. He did have syphilis for some time prior and did. Le Horla. First published in This edition published by It is he, the Horla, who haunts me, and who makes me think of these foolish. Le Horla () (French Edition) [Guy De Maupassant] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint.

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I closed my eyes. In any case, my mental state bordered on madness, and twenty-four hours of Paris sufficed to restore me to my equilibrium. But my figure was not reflected in it – and I, I was opposite to it! Why not other elements beside fire, air, earth, and water? The frightened inhabitants are leaving their houses, deserting their villages, abandoning their land, saying that they are pursued, possessed, governed like human cattle by invisible, though tangible beings, by a species of vampire, which feeds on their life while they are asleep, and which, besides, drinks water and milk without appearing to touch any other nourishment.

I looked at it with fixed eyes, trying to conjecture, and my hands trembled! That may say more about me than about the story.

I saw the large, clear glass from top to bottom, and I looked at it with unsteady eyes; and I did not dare to advance; Hirla did not venture to make a movement, nevertheless, feeling perfectly that he was there, but that he would escape me again, he whose imperceptible body had absorbed my reflection. I have no power left to will anything, but some one does it for me and I obey.

When we are alone for a long time, we people space with phantoms. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She got excited and clasped her hands as if she were praying to me!


I open my cupboards, hrola look under my bed; I listen. I suppose I must kill myself! Determined to put an end to this mystifying situation, the protagonist decides to leave his home country in order to spend a few days at Mont Saint-Michel. What a beautiful day! I have just come from consulting my medical man, for I could no longer get any sleep. The resemblance between the protagonist and Maupassant is flagrant.

I have seen him!

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Then, as I was ls into my carriage, I intended to say: It saw my house, which was also white, and He sprang from the ship on to the land. I am no longer anything in myself, nothing except an enslaved and terrified spectator of all the things which I do.

I know, I know, I know all! Then he got up, satiated, and I woke up, so beaten, crushed and annihilated that I could not move.

I should also like. I fell asleep, dreaming thus in the cool night air, and then, having slept for about three horpa of an hour, I opened my eyes without moving, awakened by I know not what confused and strange sensation. I want them today. In about four minutes, I saw, I saw, yes I saw with my own eyes another page lift itself up and fall down on the others, as if a finger had turned it over.

If He were not dead? Somebody orders all my acts, all my movements, all my thoughts.

The Horla – Wikipedia

When I went back home yesterday, I noticed his singular paleness, and I asked him: Certainly solitude is dangerous for active minds. Preview — The Horla by Guy de Horlw. On the seventh of July I renewed the same experiment, with the same results, and on July 8 I left out the water and the milk and nothing was touched.

I already began to think that the fire had gone out of its own accord, or that he had extinguished it, when one of the lower windows gave way under the violence of the flames, and a long, soft, caressing sheet of red flame mounted up the white wall, and kissed it as high as the roof. How frightened I was!

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He was just going out, and he listened to me with a smile, and said: And my eye cannot distinguish this newcomer who is oppressing me. I must have a course of shower baths and of bromide of potassium. Somebody possesses my soul and governs it!

I, therefore, returned in spite of myself, feeling certain that I should find some bad news awaiting me, a letter or a telegram. I was led to de Maupassant by a recommendation from a friend, and still intend to read more of his stories – I’m intrigued by his reputation as ‘one of the fathers of the short story’, but this one, for me, was simply good, not great. It saw my house which was also white, and he sprang from the ship onto the land. Unfortunately, he finds himself back to square one as soon as he returns back home.

Apr 18, Terence rated it it was amazing Shelves: Then he woke her up, and I took out a pocket-book and said: The footman accuses the cook, who accuses the needle woman, who accuses the other two.

And then suddenly, I wake up, shaken and bathed in perspiration; I light a candle and find that I am alone, and after that crisis, which occurs every night, I at length fall asleep and slumber tranquilly till morning.

But was it a hallucination? This time, I am not mad.

Now I know, I can divine. This article is missing information about the story’s development, themes, and reception. I shall kill Him.